Who won the Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam?

Who won the Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam?

AJ Styles & Omos to win the Raw Tag Team Championship. LAS VEGAS — Randy Orton took a gamble on teaming with Riddle, and it paid off at SummerSlam, as RK-Bro raised the Raw Tag Team Championship following an RKO outta nowhere.

Who won at SummerSlam 2015?

The main storyline of the event concluded, Seth Rollins (WWE) defeating John Cena (US) in a Winner Takes All match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE United States Championship, Ryback (c) defeating Big Show and The Miz in a Triple threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, The New Day …

What additional title did the WWE Championship Seth Rollins win at SummerSlam 2015?

Seth Rollins defeats John Cena to become a double champion: SummerSlam 2015 | WWE. Seth Rollins defeats John Cena to become the first Superstar to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title and United States Title simulatenously.

Who is the youngest WWE tag team champion?

Nicholas is the youngest champion at 10 years old (also making him the youngest champion in WWE history), while Billy Gunn is the oldest champion at age 50. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) are the current champions in their first reign as a team.

Who won AJ Styles vs RK?

RK-Bro Defeat AJ Styles, Omos; Retain Raw Tag Team Titles at WWE Crown Jewel 2021. RK-Bro defeated AJ Styles and Omos at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Did Randy Orton and Riddle win at SummerSlam?

That journey hit another milestone at SummerSlam with Riddle winning the Raw tag team championship alongside his RK-Bro partner, Randy Orton. The fact that his latest victory came at the most successful SummerSlam in history — an event that set revenue, viewership and attendance records — was all the sweeter.

Who won SummerSlam 2016?

Twelve matches were contested at the event, including three matches on the Kickoff pre-show. In the main event, which was an interbrand match, Raw’s Brock Lesnar defeated SmackDown’s Randy Orton by technical knockout.

Who won SummerSlam 2014?

Brock Lesnar
At SummerSlam 2014, Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena in the most one-sided beating of The Champ’s career to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

What is WWE SummerSlam?

SummerSlam is an annual pay-per-view, produced every August by WWE since 1988. Dubbed “The Biggest Party of the Summer,” it is one of the promotion’s original four pay-per-views, along with WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series, dubbed the “Big Four”.

Where did the 2015 SummerSlam take place?

It took place on August 23, 2015, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The twenty-eighth event under the SummerSlam chronology, this was the first since 2008 to be held outside of Los Angeles as Staples Center was the exclusive home for SummerSlam from 2009 to 2014, and the eighth SummerSlam to be held in the New York metropolitan area.

Why was SummerSlam moved to Barclays Center in 2015?

The Izod Center was originally supposed to host SummerSlam, but due to its closure in April 2015, the event was moved to Barclays Center. The event was the first in the SummerSlam chronology to be four hours in length, a length previously reserved only for WrestleMania.

How many matches were contested at the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar?

Ten matches were contested at the event, with no match on the pre-show. In the main event, The Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar in controversial fashion; Lesnar put Undertaker in his Kimura lock and the timekeeper rang the bell after seeing the Undertaker tap out, but since the referee had not seen a submission, the match continued.

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