Who Won kids room on the block?

Who Won kids room on the block?

Amy got inspiration from her kids for the colours and brass accents in the room. Amy and Stu also won an extra point in the Give and Take Challenge, which landed them with the first ever total score of 21/20. Amy and Stu’s kids room was a fun and playful space for a little girl.

Who won bedroom week on the block?

Congratulations Ronnie and Georgia on creating another winning bedroom. From the traditional yet contemporary wallpaper to contrasting yet matching bedhead and cushions, Ronnie and Georgia threw a curveball at the judges with their bedroom this week, but it was one they loved.

Who won the room reveal on the block?

It was ultimately Tanya and Vito who took the judges by surprise, by really stepping up their game this week. They finally got to reveal their game-changing sunken lounge — which was a hit with the judges. Darren thought the feature was “cool and retro” while Shaynna wanted one for herself.

Who won The Block 2020 spoiler?

And the winners of The Block 2020 are Jimmy and Tam, who have also set a record. They have made $966,000 in profit plus the $100,000 prize money for earning the highest profit at today’s auction. That means Jimmy and Tam are instant millionaires, with a total of $1,066,000.

Who won Laundry Week 2021?

In the end, Kirsty and Jesse won by half a point with Ronnie and Georgia coming a close second. Kirsty and Jesse took home not only the $10,000 prize money, but an additional $10,000 from Mitre 10 for achieving two perfect tens from the judges.

How old are Tim and Arty The Block?

Team Blue – Tim and Arthur, both 26.

Which ‘the block’ contestants have had the best kids rooms?

Ronnie and Georgia have won more room reveals than any other contestants in the history of The Block and their kids room was up there with their best room reveals. Their design perfectly blends style and substance with sleek cabinetry at kid-height and adult-height winning praise from judge Shaynna Blaze.

Who won the Block NZ’s first room reveal?

A beachy surf-inspired bedroom designed by Tim & Arthur (Team Blue) won the children’s bedroom on The Block NZ’s first room reveal. Ideal and simple – this bedroom works for both older and younger children with its beachy natural textures and walls finished in Resene White.

What are the block’s best bedrooms?

Here are nine of our picks for The Block’s best bedrooms – some for their design flair, some for their sense of fun, and some for simply being our #bedroomgoals. 1. Hannah and Clint, Elsternwick, season 13 A bold floral feature wall is not for everyone, but if you like to ‘go big or go home’, this eye-catching element might be up your alley.

What is Jason and Sarah’s kids room like on ‘the block’?

There’s a lot to love about Jason and Sarah’s kids room on season 13 of The Block, starting with the stunning zebra wallpaper and functional storage options. Elegantly styled, this kids room can easily be updated to a teen room or even an additional guest room.

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