Who uses Telefunken M80?

Who uses Telefunken M80?

Other notable artists using the M80 and M81 include Steely Dan, Rush, Jason Derulo, Death Cab For Cutie, Justin Bieber and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Over the last decade, TELEFUNKEN has expanded the production of its line in South Windsor, Connecticut, assembling all of its microphones in the USA.

What is the difference between Telefunken M80 and M81?

Frequency Response The M81 is a great choice for a vocalist with a harsh tone, for taming overly bright horns, or for dealing with cymbal bleed. The Telefunken M80 doesn’t have this low-mid boost, but instead further boosts the high-mids and highs. This makes the M80 a lot more versatile than your common dynamic mic.

Does Telefunken M80 need phantom power?

No phantom power is required since it is a dynamic microphone.

Where is the Telefunken M80 made?

the USA
Hand-assembled in the USA, the M80’s rugged build quality is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the road.

Who uses Telefunken microphones?


  • Ripe.
  • Dance Gavin Dance.
  • Memphis May Fire.

Are dynamic microphones good for streaming?

Dynamic microphones are a great help in streaming. It catches clear and crisp end-user vocals while canceling other noises. Dynamic mics work great despite background noises. Hence, they are the most common microphone you see on stage, at karaoke, or in bars.

Are Telefunken microphones good?

With its extraordinary off-axis rejection, impressively wide frequency range featuring clear, expressive vocals and a rugged build that’s made to last for years, the Telefunken M80 is a great microphone that melds excellent performance, versatility and value in one outstanding package.

Where are Telefunken microphones made?

South Windsor, Connecticut
The large majority of the parts are machined in America where TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is located, and every microphone system is hand-built and assembled in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA.

Do dynamic mics pick up less background noise?

All microphones can pick up background noise. Because most dynamic microphones are used at closer distance, they pick up less noise.

Where are Telefunken tubes made?

Manufactured in partnership with JJ Tubes in Slovakia, each Black Diamond tube is meticulously measured for all critical parameters of performance including transconductance, gain, noise, and microphonics.

Is Telefunken still in business?

When AEG was bought by Daimler in 1985, “Telefunken” was dropped from the company name. In 1995, Telefunken was sold to Tech Sym Corporation (owners of Continental Electronics Corporation of Dallas) for $9 million. However, Telefunken remained a German company.

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