Who owns Honey Hole?

Who owns Honey Hole?

After 22 years serving some of Capitol Hill’s most coveted sandwiches, HoneyHole is undergoing some significant changes. Founding brothers Sean and Devon London and co-owner Hannah Roberts have sold the place to new owners Kristin and Patrick Rye, and there are now expansion plans in the works.

Who owns Honey Hole Outdoor?

After many years of working his business, Mr. Phillips decided it was time for him to fish more and work less so he sold the Honey Hole to me, David Owen, and my wife Janice.

Where does the term Honey Hole come from?

Named after a beehive for its honey, honey hole (or honeyhole) is slang for a location that yields a valued commodity or resource. Though you may hear the word honey hole and think that it relates to an actual hole in some foreign location more often than not there is no hole involved at all.

What is a Hiney?

Hiney is a childish term for the buttocks (which is a technical word for the butt). Hiney is a euphemism, meaning it’s a substitute for a word (like the name of a body part) that may be considered impolite to say. Hiney can also be spelled heinie. Example: Oh, she’s fine—she just fell down and bumped her hiney.

What is a honey shoot?

an instance of an attractive woman being picked out in a sports crowd by a photographer or camera operator.

Why is a butt called a Heiney?

The first records of hiney come from the first half of the 1900s. It is derived from words based on the root word hind, meaning “the back,” as in behind (another euphemism for the buttocks) and hindquarters. Euphemisms like hiney are often used as substitutes for body parts or bodily functions.

How do you say butt in professional?


  1. behind.
  2. bottom.
  3. butt.
  4. buttocks.
  5. derriere.
  6. fanny.
  7. posterior.
  8. rear.

How do you use honey shots?

Slather it on toast, avocado toast, or your favorite sammie. Or turn this into a turmeric honey immunity shot! Place 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar OR lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of water into a glass and add 1 tablespoon of your turmeric honey to it. Stir well to incorporate and take your turmeric honey shot!

What does Hiney mean?

slang. : buttocks. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About heinie.

What is a hearer?

hearer – someone who listens attentively. attender, auditor, listener. audience – a gathering of spectators or listeners at a (usually public) performance; “the audience applauded”; “someone in the audience began to cough”

What is slang for bum?

posterior, tail (informal), derrière (euphemistic), tush (US, slang), jacksy (British, slang)

What is a polite word for bum?

A vagrant or homeless person. vagrant. tramp. hobo. vagabond.

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