Who owns Bartolotta restaurants?

Who owns Bartolotta restaurants?

Paul Bartolotta
Four-time nominated and two-time James Beard award-winning Chef Paul Bartolotta is the co-founder and owner of The Bartolotta Restaurants, the premier restaurant group in the Greater Milwaukee region.

Who is Bartolotta?

Paul Bartolotta (born June 8, 1961) is an American chef and restaurateur. Paul Bartolotta has won the James Beard Foundation Award twice—once for Best Chef: Midwest (1994, Spiaggia), and again for Best Chef: Southwest (2009), at Bartolotta, Ristorante di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas. …

Where is Paul Bartolotta?

Paul — married, with a daughter — lived outside Wisconsin for years, in Italy and France, in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, for several years dividing his time between Chicago and Milwaukee to help build the restaurant group. Now he lives in Wauwatosa, the city where he grew up.

Which Milwaukee restaurant owner named his restaurants after his mother?

Lazy Susan Owner AJ Dixon named her restaurant after an inside joke she had with her late mother, who was named Susan.

Who is Pennsylvania Senator?

Pat Toomey (Republican Party)
Bob Casey Jr. (Democratic Party)
The state’s current U.S. senators are Democrat Bob Casey Jr. (since 2007) and Republican Pat Toomey (since 2011), making it one of seven states to have a split United States Senate delegation. Arlen Specter was Pennsylvania’s longest-serving senator (1981–2011).

Who owns Burger King in Wisconsin?

About Valley King of Wisconsin Valley King of WI, LLC is owned and operated by Tom Prevost and a group of investors. We are an independent franchise of Burger King Corporation.

What was the first fast food restaurant?

White Castle
White Castle was the country’s first fast food chain when it opened in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. What made it so appealing to Americans?

Is Pat Toomey married?

Kris Toomeym. 1997
Pat Toomey/Spouse

How do I find out who my US senator is?

To locate your senator using Congress.gov, simply visit the Congress.gov homepage, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and under “Current Members of Congress,” choose your state from the drop-down menu.

Does Pepsi Own Burger King?

Spokesman Tod MacKenzie said Pepsi hopes to continue serving the Burger King restaurants that are owned and operated by independent franchisees. Pepsi won the Burger King account from Coca-Cola in 1983 and Burger King had reaffirmed its intention to stay with Pepsi only last June.

How much did a mcdonalds hamburger cost in 1948?

They later shut it down and reopened it in 1948, with a pared-down menu of just nine items, including hamburgers (15 cents) cheeseburgers (19 cents) and drinks, such as coffee, Coca-Cola, and Orangeade, for 10 cents.

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