Who makes Powermate compressors?

Who makes Powermate compressors?

MAT Holdings Inc.
A member of MAT Holdings Inc., MAT Industries, LLC, engineers and manufactures a broad line of air compressors sold under the Powermate®, PROFORCE®, Industrial Air®, and Industrial Air Contractor® brand as well as established private label names sold at home centers, hardware, farm co-ops, and industrial distributors …

How much is a portable air compressor worth?

A portable air compressor with 1 to 2 HP, a 15 to 30 gallon tank, and 120 to 200 PSI output has an average cost between $250 and $500. A portable air compressor with a 6.5 HP gas engine, a 10 gallon tank, and 135 PSI output has an average cost between $750 and $1,250.

Why does my air compressor not start?

If the pump starts when the tank is empty, then the check valve may be stuck open. If the compressor won’t start with air in tank, replace the check valve. If the compressor won’t start with an empty air tank, replace the pressure switch if it isn’t activating the pump motor.

Who makes Coleman Powermate compressor?

MAT Industries, LLC then purchased the Coleman Powermate plant in 2008.

How much does a small air compressor cost?

Between $250 and $500: On Average, small air compressor with 1 to 2 HP, approx 15 to 30-gallon air tank, and 120 to 200 PSI pressure output. Between $750 and $1,250: A small air compressor with about 6.5 HP gas engine, a 10-gallon tank, and 135 PSI falls between this price range.

Why do air compressors stop working?

An air compressor problem could stem from one of many issues, such as an air leak, an oil leak or a broken part. In some cases, you might have insufficient pressurization or air flow. In other cases, the compressor might fail to start up or stop running as prompted.

How much does a Coleman Powermate Black Max air compressor cost?

Coleman Powermate Black Max Sanborn 60 Gallon Air Compressor – $450 (Mt . Pleasant, WI) Coleman Powermate Black Max 60 gallon air compressor made by Sanborn.

What kind of power does a Coleman Powermate have?

Black Max 5hp Coleman Powermate. Plug is 208 – 230 volts and 15 amps. Monster air compressor used in picture frame shop.Comes with a Senco Staple Gun Model J, RE26262.

What size motor does a black Max air compressor have?

The tank size is 27 gallons and the motor size is 5 HP / 115 V. Regulator was rebuilt this past winter. In good working condition. 5 HP BLACK MAX AIR COMPRESSOR – Good Condition – Single Phase 220 volt – 10.2cfm @ 90psi

How many PSI is a 5 hp air compressor?

It has a 5 horsepower motor, a max tank pressure of 120 PSI, and a 20-gallon tank. The air compressor works. See pictures and video for details.This item is being sold as part of an online estate sale auction with local pick up in Rapid City, SD, 57701 on Saturday, January 30th from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.T

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