Who is VSE?

Who is VSE?

VSE is a proven provider of customized solutions for sustaining our customers’ mission-critical platforms, including government and commercial vehicles, ships and aircraft. LEARN MORE ABOUT VSE. Wheeler Bros., Inc. is a supply chain management company specializing in the design and distribution of fleet vehicle maintenance and defense components.

What is the APRU VSE program?

The APRU Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program, led by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, makes international education accessible by allowing students to take academic courses and participate in co-curricular programs without the need to leave home.

Who is VSE’s third-party registrar?

Our third-party registrar is LRQA Inc. VSE maintains a certified Quality Management System (QMS) that is subject to audit every 6 months by LRQA to ensure continued compliance in addition to continuous internal audits. The registered divisions and work sites of VSE are listed on the current copy of our ISO 9001 certification.

What is the VSE quality policy?

The VSE Quality Policy states: “VSE Corporation, through the effective use of our continuously improving Quality Management System, is committed to provide quality products and services that meet the needs, expectations and requirements of all of our customers at a fair price”.

What are the key features of the Toyota VSE’s steering system?

A key feature of VSE’s steering systems is that they consist of few components. A big advantage of the compact system is the incredible amount of design freedom this offers. This means there is no need to make concessions to a vehicle’s design.

Why VSE flow meters for Electromobility?

The growing market in the electromobility requires precise solutions for the production of batteries and fuel cells. VSE flow meters provide high precision measurement results and are therefore ideally suited for efficient dosing monitoring in this area. Read more …

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