Who is the woman on the Fornasetti plates?

Who is the woman on the Fornasetti plates?

Lina Cavalieri
It’s Lina Cavalieri, the opera singer whose face inspired Italian designer Piero Fornasetti to create more than 500 artworks. Her face gazes out from the plates: a masked bandit, a sphinx, a cow-eyed Charlie Chaplin.

Who was Fornasetti model?

Lina Cavalieri, who was known as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” – played by Gina Lollobrigida in the 1955 film La donna più bella del mondo – was indeed a beautiful woman, as Giovanni Boldini’s portrait, and numerous photos, show.

Where are Fornasetti plates made?

The production process has always been one of Fornasetti’s distinguishing features. All objects are made in Italy, strictly by hand, upholding a tradition of expert craftsmanship that makes each piece a true multiple of art.

Is Fornasetti copyrighted?

It is in the public domain there because its copyright term has expired.

What is Piero Fornasetti famous for?

Piero Fornasetti (Milan, 10 November 1913 – 15 October 1988) was an Italian wide-ranging and eclectic designer, known for his unique creative flair that made him one of the most fruitful design figures of the 20th century. Today is still is a key player in Italy’s vibrant homeware and design scene.

Why is Fornasetti famous?

Fornasetti is known for using a swath of fanciful motifs such as the sun, moon, playing cards, animals, and other Surrealist imagery. He is best known for the recurring face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri, using her image across numerous works, including a series of 350 individual plates.

Is Fornasetti handmade?

Handmade in Milan Any and every Fornasetti design is made by hand in its Milan studio. In the case of its collectible candles, the ceramic vessels are handmade, the designs hand-drawn, the wax hand-poured and the fragrances hand-selected by a collective of esteemed perfumers using a sublime palette of ingredients.

Is Fornasetti Italian?

Piero Fornasetti (18 November 1913, in Milan – 15 October 1988) was an Italian versatile and eclectic artist, characterised by an unstoppable creative flair that made him one of the most prolific figures of the 20th century, and difficult to ascribe to a specific movement.

Who owns Fornasetti?

Barnaba Fornasetti
Since 1988, the Fornasetti Atelier has been led by his son Barnaba Fornasetti. Under his artistic direction and guidance, Fornasetti has garnered international renown in the field of luxury design.

Is Fornasetti hand painted?

Each and every Fornasetti creation, whether furniture, accessories or high quality porcelain, is strictly handmade in Italy. The colours that are expertly applied by painters along with the manual production techniques makes every item a genuine work of art, with no two the same.

Who was Fornasetti muse?

His muse: Lina Cavalieri, the famous trademark face of the brand an operatic soprano for his collection Tema & Variazioni, He saw her as the perfect archetype – classically beautiful like a Greek statue or the Mona Lisa. Her face adorns more than 350 items of the Fornasetti collection, most famously on ceramic plates.

What is the biography of Lina Cavalieri?

Biography. Lina Cavalieri was born on Christmas Day at Rieti, some 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Rome. She lost her parents at the age of fifteen and became a ward of the state, sent to live in a Roman Catholic orphanage. The vivacious young girl was unhappy under the strict discipline of the nuns, and at the first opportunity she ran away…

What makes Fornasetti’s art unique?

The uniting principle behind all of Fornasetti’s volcanic creativity is that of collecting. The collector knows the objects he collects inside out, and is able to notice variations that most people would never see. Variations on a theme is a process that characterises much of Fornasetti’s work.

Who is the most beautiful woman in Piero Fornasetti’s works?

Hers is the inspiring beauty that appears in several works by Piero Fornasetti ‘s. In 1955, Gina Lollobrigida portrayed Cavalieri in the movie version of Cavalieri’s life, Beautiful But Dangerous (also known as The World’s Most Beautiful Woman ).

What happened to Maria Cecilia Cavalieri?

Cavalieri was killed on 7 February 1944 during an Allied bombing raid that destroyed her home in Florence near Poggio Imperiale, where she was placed under police surveillance because of her foreign husband.

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