Who is the pastor of Rhema?

Who is the pastor of Rhema?

Ray McCauley
Ray McCauley (born Raynor McCauley) is a prominent South African religious leader, Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church, President of the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC), co-chair of the National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NICSA), author and former champion bodybuilder.

How old is Pastor Kenneth Hagin?

The Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, 86, founder of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and an influential radio evangelist, died of undisclosed causes Friday in a hospital in Tulsa, Okla., after collapsing in his home Sunday.

Is Kenneth Hagin still living?

Deceased (1917–2003)
Kenneth E. Hagin/Living or Deceased

Is Pastor Ray McCauley sick?

He is in a stable condition. We’ve just spoken to the doctor,” he said. McCauley’s lawyer Billy Gundelfinger also said the pastor was in a stable condition. β€œIt was a major operation and he is currently in a stable condition.

Is it possible to work for Rhema Bible Church?

Thank you for your interest in employment with RHEMA Bible Church a.k.a. Kenneth Hagin Ministries and your desire to assist this ministry in taking hope, help, and healing to the world! Note: All applicants must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.

What is Rhema Ministries?

RHEMA MINISTRIES is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, multicultural ministry. We operate with a sincere desire to reach lost souls for Christ, through outreach into the surrounding communities.

What does a Rhema Bible Church manager do?

Travel may occasionally be required. Lifestyle: Must adhere to the RHEMA Bible Church “Standards of Conduct” and “Staff Commitment”. This job is not limited to the description above it is simply to give an overview of the functionality of the position. Managers are able to modify, and or assign tasks as needed for the department or event.

What can I write for Rhema Bible Church?

Write assigned jobs for Rhema Bible Church and Kenneth Hagin Ministries, and Rhema bible Training Center. This includes but is not limited to news releases, event coverage, letters, and magazine features based on interviews, ads, articles, and items for other departments. Format copy according to department style guide.

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