Who is the owner of FINGERS?

Who is the owner of FINGERS?

Sandeep Parasrampuria
Consumer Electronics are Moving Towards Smart Features: Fingers CEO. Sandeep Parasrampuria (SP), founder and CEO, Dynamic Conglomerate, in an exclusive conversation with EFY Group shed light of how he plans to make Fingers a hit brand in India.

Is FINGERS an Indian brand?

Fingers is a new consumer electronic brand by Dynamic Conglomerate, a company founded by various IT veterans. The brand has launched in India with a bunch of products including the world’s first earphones with 3D resonance technology.

Is fingers a iBall company?

New brand Fingers wants to be your one-stop shop for quality mobile accessories. Banking on the same wave, iBall’s ex-CEO, Mr Sandeep S Parasrampuria has announced a new digital accessories brand called Fingers (a brand under Dynamic Conglomerate).

Is fingers a good brand?

Fingers is an Indian company with dreams of making products for the Indian market, so no surprises here. Fingers Resonance has no surprises in terms of design either and uses the popular, also a bit stale, neckband form factor. The device is comfortable to wear for long hours and the design poses no issues.

Are earphones good for fingers?

They even provide a good amount of noise isolation blocking out ambient noises by 70-80%. Battery life is also fantastic. Fingers claims a 15-hour battery life – using the headphone with a OnePlus 7 and volume level at 60%, they delivered 14 hours of battery backup.

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Is iBELL and iBall same?

Customer Review The Brand name of the company,”iBELL”, is made to confuse one with the famous brand “iBall”. Amazon should aviod patronising such fraud companies.

What is the price of fingers?

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