Who is the lady in Cold Justice?

Who is the lady in Cold Justice?

Kelly Siegler
Cold Justice is an investigative true crime series originally broadcast on TNT and currently on Oxygen….

Cold Justice
Genre True crime
Starring Kelly Siegler Yolanda McClary Johnny Bonds Steve Spingola Aaron Sam Tonya Rider
Theme music composer Robert ToTeras
Composer Robert ToTeras

What is Yolanda McClary doing now?

She began working on shows like NBC’s Dateline (2009-2011), Cold Justice (2013-2015), and The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes (2019) as a crime scene expert. She serves as a producer and writer on The Jane Doe Murders.

Why did Yolanda leave Cold Justice?

In a comment, she explained that it was her choice, though didn’t say why she made that decision: “Cold Justice is going to be on Oxygen. I’ve decided not to go back, and am instead looking at other projects I’ve been asked to be on.”

Is Kelly Siegler married?

Samuel Lewis Siegler IIm. 1988
Kelly Siegler/Spouse

Is Yolanda McClary married?

Michael Kelly McClarym. 1990
Yolanda McClary/Spouse

How old is Kelly Siegler?

59 years (October 12, 1962)
Kelly Siegler/Age

Was Jane Doe murders Cancelled?

Oxygen remains on a true-crime spree. The cable network said today that it has ordered one new series, Exhumed, and specials The Jane Doe Murders and The Case Died With Her and renewed Injustice with Nancy Grace for Season 2.

Who is Kelly Siegler husband?

Kelly Siegler/Husband

What nationality is Kelly Siegler?

Kelly Siegler/Nationality

How old is the lady on Cold Justice?

How old is Kelly Siegler? Siegler is 58 years old as of 2020, she was born on October 12, 1962, in Blessing, TX United States. She celebrates her birthday on October 12 every year.

Who was the first Jane Doe?

Murder of Tammy Terrell

Tammy Corrine Terrell
Body discovered October 5, 1980
Resting place Clark County, Nevada, United States
Other names Arroyo Grande Jane Doe
Known for Formerly unidentified victim of homicide

Can you name your child Jane Doe?

You are legally allowed to change your name to anything you want as long as you are not doing it to avoid the law or commit fraud. You could legally change your name to Kitchen Chair if you wanted to. There are actually people named John Doe and Jane Doe and I ran into John Doe one time while I was arresting him.

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