Who is the king of Daura?

Who is the king of Daura?

Muhammad Bashar became the emir in 1966, reigning for 41 years until his death in 2007, On 28 February 2007, Umar Faruk Umar became Emir of Daura succeeding Muhammad Bashar….Daura Emirate.

Daura Emirate Masarautar Daura Al Amir Al Daura
Country Nigeria
State Katsina State
• Emir Faruk Umar Faruk

What is the population of Daura?


Name Status Population Census 2006-03-21
Daura Local Government Area 224,884
Daura 303,600 Population [2016] – Projection 217.3 km² Area 1,397/km² Population Density [2016] 3.0% Annual Population Change [2006 → 2016]
Nigeria Federal Republic 140,431,790

When was Daura established?

An ancient settlement, the name of which means “blacksmith” in the Tuareg language, it was founded by a queen and was ruled by women in the 9th and 10th centuries.

What does Katsina State produce?

The major crops produced in the State are millet, guinea corn, groundnut, cotton, maize, beans, rice and wheat. The State is the largest producer of cotton in Nigeria. Livestock production is also a major occupation of the people.

What does Daura mean in English?

/daurā/ mn. attack countable noun. An attack of an illness is a short period in which you suffer badly from it.

Who is the queen of Daura?

Oral traditions remember her as the founding “queen grandmother” of the Hausa empire started in the area we know today as the monarchies of northern Niger and Nigeria….Daurama.

Daurama II
Kabaras of Daura
Predecessors Kabara Hamata
Successor office dissolved
Born Tsohon Birni, Katsina, Northern Nigeria

What is the meaning of Daura?

Filters. A city-state in Northern Nigeria. pronoun.

Is Katsina State safe?

Regional risk level – Avoid all travel Avoid all travel to the following regions due to the risk of terrorism, armed attacks, kidnapping, intercommunal and sectarian violence: the north-western states of Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara.

What is the capital of Katsina?

Katsina is a Local Government Area and the state capital of Katsina State in northern Nigeria. Katsina is located some 260 kilometres (160 mi) east of the city of Sokoto and 135 kilometres (84 mi) northwest of Kano, close to the border with Niger Republic….

ISO 3166 code NG.KT.KA
Climate BSh

Who did Bayajidda marry?

One view is that the story of the marriage of Bayajidda and Daurama symbolizes the merger of Arab and Berber tribes in North and West Africa.

What is the real name of Bayajidda?

His original name was most probablyAbu Zaid. The name given to him by the Hausas. Bayajida, is actually a phrase: “Ba ya ji da,” which means “he couldn’t understand before.”

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