Who is the greatest heavy metal guitarist?

Who is the greatest heavy metal guitarist?

  1. Tony Iommi.
  2. Dimebag Darrell.
  3. Randy Rhoads.
  4. James Hetfield.
  5. Mark Tremonti.
  6. Dave Mustaine. Mr Mustaine’s relentless right hand is the stuff of legend, and led Megadeth to the zenith of thrash.
  7. Zakk Wylde.
  8. Adrian Smith.

Who is the best metal guitarist 2021?

The Best Metal Guitarists

  • Jesper Stromblad (In Flames)
  • Jim Root (Slipknot / Stone Sour)
  • Mark Morton (Lamb of God)
  • Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)
  • Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society / Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
  • Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell)
  • Dimebag Darrel (Pantera / Damageplan)

Who was the greatest rock guitarist?

The Top 10 Best Guitarists Ever

  • Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy Hendrix is the best guitarist in history.
  • Eric Clapton. Nicknamed in all humility “God” by his fans, Eric Clapton is now the most famous rock and blues guitarist still active after nearly 50 years.
  • Jimmy Page.
  • Robert Johnson.
  • Chuck Berry.
  • Muddy Waters.
  • BB King.
  • Keith Richards.

Who is the best hard rock guitarist?

The 66 Best Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time

  • Jeff Beck.
  • Randy Rhoads.
  • Ian Gavan, Getty Images. Eric Clapton.
  • Les Lee, Getty Images. Ritchie Blackmore.
  • Scott Gries, Getty Images. Dimebag Darrell.
  • Frazer Harrison, Getty Images. Eddie Van Halen.
  • Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images. Jimmy Page.
  • Paul Kane, Getty Images. Tony Iommi.

Who is the best thrash guitarist?

Best Thrash Guitarist imo

  • james hetfield.
  • jeff waters.
  • kirk hammet (80s)
  • jeff hanneman.
  • gary holt.
  • alex skolnick.
  • kerry king.
  • scott ian.

Which guitar is best for rock music?

The best rock guitars in the world right now

  1. Gibson SG Standard. The greatest source of pure Angus beef…
  2. Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSS. The ultimate modern rock machine…
  3. Fender Vintera ’70s Telecaster Custom.
  4. Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT.
  5. Sterling By Music Man Majesty X.
  6. Fender Player Stratocaster.
  7. Danelectro ’66T.

Who is best rock guitarist?

Who is the best guitar player ever?

Brian May. Topping our classic rock poll and receiving more votes than any polled player,Brian’s a true pioneer of tone and one of those rare guitarists who’s instantly

  • Jimi Hendrix. Just two months after featuring Jimi on the cover of this very magazine we find ourselves talking once again about his influence.
  • Jimmy Page.
  • Eddie Van Halen.
  • What is the greatest hard rock song of all time?

    Top 10 Best Hard Rock Songs of All Time Back in Black – AC/DC Back in Black is the second best selling album of ALL TIME (mind you, it should have been first). Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses This is just the song that made me fall in love for rock music Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen This is the living epitome of hard rock and desrves to be higher on this list.

    Who is the guitarist in the Rolling Stones?

    Keith Richards (born 18 December 1943), sometimes credited as Keith Richard, is an English musician and songwriter, best known as a guitarist and founder member of the Rolling Stones.

    What are some hard rock bands?


  • Ra Ra Riot
  • The Raconteurs
  • Radiohead
  • The Radio Dept.
  • Radio Iodine
  • Radwimps
  • The Railway Children
  • Rain Parade
  • Ramones
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