Who is owner of Jain Irrigation?

Who is owner of Jain Irrigation?

Bhavarlal Jain
Mr. Ashok Jain is the Chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited and a well-known entrepreneur working for agriculture for the past over 4 decades. He is 56 years old and is the eldest son of Late Dr. Bhavarlal Jain, the Founder Chairman.

What is the business of Jain Irrigation?

Jain Irrigation Systems or Jains, is a multinational conglomerate based in the city of Jalgaon, India….Jain Irrigation Systems.

The Jains Plastic Park in Jalgaon, India
Industry Agriculture, Irrigation, pipe, Food processing, Solar energy
Founded 1986
Founder Bhavarlal Jain
Headquarters Jalgaon, India

What is wrong with Jain Irrigation?

Rating firms had downgraded the company due to delay in servicing debt. Last year, S&P had downgraded it to ‘D’ (default grade) for missing interest payments due on February 1, 2020. Similarly, Care Ratings had downgraded Jain Irrigation to ‘D’ in 2019 due to a delay in servicing debt.

Why did Jain Irrigation fall today?

Shares of Jain Irrigation, a farm machinery and equipment manufacturer, declined as much as 27 per cent on Tuesday after one of the rating agencies downgraded its long-term debt rating. Apart from high debt, seasonality of the business and government policies could be key risks for the company, said analysts.

Why are Jain Irrigation shares rising?

The Jalgaon, Maharashtra-based company attributed the rise in debt to delays in receiving payments from the government in its micro-irrigation business. Some assembly polls and the general elections were the reasons the payments have not been cleared, it said.

Should I buy Jain Irrigation?

Based on the last year’s worth of payments, Jain Irrigation Systems stock has a trailing yield of around 5.2% on the current share price of ₹19.05. If you buy this business for its dividend, you should have an idea of whether Jain Irrigation Systems’s dividend is reliable and sustainable.

What is the future of Jain Irrigation share?

Stock Performance

Year Year Jain Irrigation Systems
2021 2021 118.95
2020 2020 129.52
2019 2019 -88.48
2018 2018 -44.31

Can Jain Irrigation emerge from this debt trap?

“We see Jain Irrigation as being caught in a debt trap, as working capital and interest payments have been eating into operating cash flows, leaving negligible amounts for debt repayments,” wrote Amit Murarka, an analyst with Deutsche Bank Research, after JISL announced quarterly results in May.

Should I invest in Jain Irrigation?

Should I sell Jain Irrigation?

Investors love dividends, so if earnings fall and the dividend is reduced, expect a stock to be sold off heavily at the same time. It’s encouraging to see Jain Irrigation Systems has grown its earnings rapidly, up 31% a year for the past five years.

What is the future of Jain Irrigation?

Jain Irrigation will operate in 3 different segments / divisions in future and the interest cost will reduce from Rs 400 cr to Rs 200 cr. Sustainable debt for the company will happen at 9% and unsustainable debt will happen at 0% for a period of 8 years. This is the entire restructuring plan of the company.

Is Jain Irrigation a multibagger?

NEW DELHI: There may be many question marks over the rally seen in domestic stocks over the past few weeks. But Dalal Street is already delivering multibaggers. Penny stock Jain Irrigation has gained 168 per cent, Reliance Power 145 per cent and Suzlon Energy 140 per cent.

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