Who is Michael Berg?

Who is Michael Berg?

Michael Berg is an American screenwriter best known as a co-writer of Ice Age for 20th Century Fox….Michael Berg (screenwriter)

Michael Berg
Nationality American
Occupation Screenwriter
Notable work Ice Age Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: Continental Drift Ice Age: Collision Course

How old is David Kross?

31 years (July 4, 1990)
David Kross/Age

Where does Michael live in the reader?

The Reader is told from the perspective of a middle-aged lawyer who, in 1995, is recalling his life. We flash back to a chance encounter by a woman in her 30s (Hanna) who befriends an ailing teenage boy (Michael, the narrator) in Neustadt, West Germany, in 1958.

How tall is David Kross?

5′ 11″
David Kross/Height

How old is Michael Berg in The Reader?

Characters. Michael Berg, a German man who is first portrayed as a 15-year-old boy and is revisited at later parts of his life; notably, when he is a researcher in legal history, divorced with one daughter, Julia. Like many of his generation, he struggles to come to terms with his country’s recent history.

Was The Reader a true story?

The woman Kate Winslet plays in the Oscar-tipped movie The Reader has been revealed as one of Germany’s most notorious war criminals. Bernhard Schlink, whose controversial book examining German post-war guilt was adapted for the film, has always refused to reveal the basis of Schmitz’s character.

Was Rose older than Jack in Titanic?

In Titanic, Rose is 17 years old and is a first-class passenger along with her mother Ruth (Frances Fisher) and her fiancé Cal Hockley (Billy Zane). Jack is an artist and a third-class passenger who won a ticket to board the ship in a poker match. She befriends Jack, and the two later begin an affair.

Why did Hanna hang herself in The Reader?

Why did Hanna kill herself? She had overcome her greatest obstacle so far in learning to read and write. So it couldn’t have been shame. She was also probably innocent of the more serious accusations against her, so it couldn’t have been guilt.

How old was Kate Winslet in The Reader?

“As time goes by and when you have children, you know, vanity schmanity. It all goes out the window.” Besides, Winslet, 33, says her main concern during filming was for her 18-year-old co-star, David Kross.

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