Who is Kitri in the ballet Don Quixote?

Who is Kitri in the ballet Don Quixote?

Roles and original cast

Role Moscow 1869 St Petersburg 1871
Sancho Panza Vassily Geltser
Kitri Anna Sobeshchanskaya Alexandra Vergina
Basilio Sergei Sokolov Lev Ivanov
Gamache Dmitri Kuznetsov Nikolai Goltz

What is the story of Don Quixote ballet?

The ballet Don Quixote is based on segments of the classic novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavreda,. The innkeeper’s plans to marry Kitri to the wealthy Gamache are turned upside-down when Don Quixote and Sancho Panza stumble into town and try to help the lovers.

Who is kriti in Don Quixote?

She’s the feisty and wilful heroine of the ballet Don Quixote. When her father Lorenzo tries to marry her off for money, she doesn’t play the victim, but hatches a plan to marry Basilio, the charming barber who has won her heart, and pursue her own version of happiness.

How many Fouettes are in Don Quixote?

32 fouettes
Be sure to look for her famous “32 fouettes” (the signature step of any ballerina) at the end of the ballet!

Where does Act 1 of Don Quixote take place?

La Mancha, Spain
Part 1. The work opens in a village of La Mancha, Spain, where a country gentleman’s infatuation with books of chivalry leads him to decide to become a knight-errant, and he assumes the name Don Quixote.

What did Don Quixote look like?

Quixote is the main character in the book and has the following physical characteristics: pale skin, a slim body, a pointy nose, a beard and a mustache. The protagonist Don Quixote represents a myth in the universal literature and is the most profound character in Spanish literature.

What is the meaning of Don Quixote?

: an impractical idealist. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About Don Quixote.

Who are the protagonists in Don Quixote?

Don Quixote.

  • Sancho Panza.
  • Dulcinea del Toboso.
  • Rocinante and Dapple.
  • The Curate.
  • Sansón Carrasco.
  • The Duke and Duchess.
  • Cardenio.
  • Who did 32 fouettes?

    Pierina Legnani
    Pierina Legnani (c 1896), the first dancer to perform the 32 fouettes. One of the best known bravura feats in a classical ballerina’s repertoire is the 32 fouettes. They are a balletomane’s favourite moment.

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