Who is Hawks?

Who is Hawks?

I’m Hawks. The man who’s a bit too fast. A society where heroes can enjoy a little boredom… I’ll make it happen, I promise, at my trademark top speed. Wingu Hīrō Hōkusu?) Wingu Hīrō Hōkusu?), is the former No. 3 Pro Hero and the current No. 2 Pro Hero. Keigo is a man of average height with a slim and narrow build.

Who is Keigo Hawks?

The next week, or maybe the week after that, Hawks’ story was born.” Keigo holds the record for the youngest Pro Hero, as well as the fastest for a Pro Hero to become one of the top 10 Pro Heroes on the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Although Keigo is bird-like, his favorite food is chicken.

Is H Hawks in my Hero one?

Hawks’ appearance in the manga. Hawks in My Hero One’s Justice 2. Keigo is shown to be highly intelligent, both emotionally and logistically. He promotes a carefree and jovial attitude, while his constant vigilance often hides under layers of serenity and equanimity.

How good is Hawks at multi tasking?

When Hood appeared and engaged Endeavor, Hawks was able to effectively evacuate 76 citizens from the collapsing skyscraper before proceeding to aid the Flame Hero against the High-End Nomu. All this shows Hawks to be effective at multi-tasking and incredibly aware of his surroundings.


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