Who is Hairless Joe in on the run?

Who is Hairless Joe in on the run?

Frank Lindenauer
Big Bad: The assassin Hairless Joe provides the biggest threat to Aiden and Meg. And he’s later revealed to be Frank Lindenauer, who framed the kids’ parents in the first place, setting off the series.

How does Chasing the Falconers end?

At the end of the series, Aiden’s employer, a farmer named Zephraim Turnbull shoots Harris, thinking he is Hairless Joe, and the Falconers believe he is dead. At the end of the series, he returns alive and takes Aiden and Meg from prison to their parents. He is assaulted by Meg in book 4.

How did Aiden and Meg manage to escape the fire at Sunnydale?

Here we get the backstory, and the fire that engulfs Sunnydale. Aiden didn’t start it on purpose, but he didn’t exactly jump to stop it, either. He hurries and saves Meg, and they take off. They are forced to walk all night, and to steal clothes in order to remain inconspicuous.

What was Gordon Korman’s first book?

His first book, This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall (1978), was published when he was only 14 years old. With a career that has now spanned 5 decades, Korman has published numerous young adult novels (seeCHILDREN’S LITERATURE) that still captivate readers across the country.

Is the run series a book?

The Run is the fifth novel in the Will Lee series by Stuart Woods. It was first published in 2000 by HarperCollins….The Run (novel)

First edition
Author Stuart Woods
Country United States
Language English
Series Will Lee novels

What is Chasing the Falconers setting?

This book took place in a juvenile detention center called Sunnydale Farm (which wounded up not being so sunny to the kids). “In the middle of nowhere” stated Aiden Falconer in the book. My inference is that the book takes place in present day. The two main characters are Aiden and Meg Falconer.

What is Chasing the Falconers about?

The book, Chasing the Falconers, is about a boy, Aiden, and his sister, Meg, whose parents were framed for a terrible crime and they are stuck in a juvenile center because no one would take them in. Their only contact with their parents is weekly phone calls.

Will there be a RESTART 2?

CALLING ALL RESTART FANS! It isn’t a prequel or a sequel. It’s a companion story that offers an extra glimpse into what Chase goes through during RESTART.

Is there a RESTART movie?

Many people thought Restart was based on a true story, but after meeting with Korman, he told us that the novel was totally based on fiction. Gordon Korman stated he sold the movie rights to Disney Plus, but it won’t be a movie in the theaters.

How do you memorize the title of a book?

If you can remember just one word of the title, use the search function on Goodreads or Library Thing to find long lists of titles with a particular word. Goodreads’ browse-able lists of titles that readers have shelved in unique categories, such as authors’ professions or decades of publication, may also be helpful.


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