Who has the most videos with over 100 million views?

Who has the most videos with over 100 million views?

Top videos

Rank Video name Uploader / artist
1. “Hello” Adele
2. “Wrecking Ball” Miley Cyrus
3. “Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout” Turkish Airlines
4. “Can’t Remember to Forget You” Shakira featuring Rihanna

Who was the first person to get 100 million views on YouTube?

In an ultimate case of streaming success leading to a long-term arc of success for a long-beloved song, “Your Man” — country star Josh Turner’s 2005-released hit single — has finally achieved 100 million streams via Youtube.

How much is 42 million YouTube views worth?

Roughly, a video creator will earn $2,000 for every million views. “And then YouTube takes 45 percent,” the Times notes. (The IRS will take its cut of the remainder, too.)

How much money does 100 million subscribers get you on YouTube?

When you make money on YouTube, it’s calculated based on views rather than subscribers. However, the more subscribers you have, the more views each of your videos is likely to get. So the average YouTuber with 100k subscribers can make $12,000 or more per sponsored video.

What is the fastest song to reach 100 million streams?

. @BTS_twt’s “Butter” is now the fastest song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify history, doing so in just 8 days!

How many views did DDU DDU get in 24 hours?

36.2 million views
It soon became the most viewed online video in the first 24 hours by a Korean act, and the second most watched music video of all time with more than 36.2 million views within 24 hours after release, surpassing Psy’s “Gentleman” (2013) and second only to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” (2017).

Who is the fastest YouTuber to hit 1 million subscribers?

Fastest Youtube Channel To Hit 1 Million Subscribers 2021 The channel which gained the fastest 1 million subscribers on Youtube is SidemenReacts. The channel earned 1 million subscribers in 55 minutes. Sidemen has seven members in its group. They are KSI, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Behzinga, TBJZL, Vikkstar123, and W2S.

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?

How much money can you make from youtube? This is a complicated question to answer. There are 100s of variables involved, but for a quick calculation, you can use $1.5 per thousand views for small channels and $2 per thousand views for medium sized channels. The famous channels makes more per milli than the small channels.

How many views do you need to make money on YouTube?

YouTube now requires 4,000 hours of video view time, as well as over 1,000 subscribers on your channel in order to be elligible for YouTube’s partner program, and to earn money from views. This means you have no hope of earning anything from your channel until you’ve reached that size.

How much money do YouTubers make per view?

Curious about what proportion money YouTubers make per view? consistent with a spread of sources, YouTubers can make anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03 per view with AdSense, with a mean of $0.18 per view. However, the quantity of cash YouTube.com can pay depends on a spread of things, The amount of views your video receives

How do I get more views on YouTube?

To check keyword popularity on YouTube, go to keyword planner and select YouTube search on the far right. Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help gain organic views by informing users and the search engine just what your video is about.

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