Who has the most followers on Strava 2021?

Who has the most followers on Strava 2021?

Laurens Ten Dam
Laurens Ten Dam (LTD), the most followed athlete on Strava, just climbed his way in to the top ten in the GC.

Who is the most followed person on Strava?

cyclist Laurens Ten Dam
Dutch cyclist Laurens Ten Dam remains Strava’s most followed athlete with 93,510 followers while 40 athletes were consistent throughout the year logging an activity every single day in 2016.

How many people can run on Strava?

According to the report, there are 95 million total athletes in the Strava community, with a whopping 2 million joining each month.

Do pros use Strava?

With a wide array of training insights and a huge, ever-expanding network, Strava is just as popular with elite athletes as it is with everyday cyclists and runners. When it comes to fitness apps, Strava reigns supreme.

What does V mean on Strava?

It means ‘verified athlete’, if you click on someone with it it says next to the icon in their profile.

What celebrity has been on a long walk?

To inspire your own hiking adventure, take a look at these 13 celebs who are frequently found hitting the hiking trails.

  • Vanessa Hudgens. vanessahudgens.
  • Kate Hudson. katehudson.
  • Amanda Seyfried. mingey.
  • Lea Michele. leamichele.
  • Jessica Biel. jessicabiel.
  • Julianne Hough. juleshough.
  • Freida Pinto. freidapinto.
  • Naomie Harris.

What company owns Strava?

Strava, Inc

An activity shown on the Strava website
Developer(s) Strava, Inc
Initial release 2009
Stable release Android 233.10 / December 21, 2021 iOS 233.0.1 / December 20, 2021
Operating system Android, iOS 13 or later, Web browser

Who is the CEO of Strava?

Michael Horvath – CEO & Co-Founder – Strava | LinkedIn.

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