Who has better stats Tony Romo or Troy Aikman?

Who has better stats Tony Romo or Troy Aikman?

Among his club records, Romo has thrown for 34,183 passing yards, 248 touchdowns and 46 career 300-yard games. For perspective, Romo’s passed for 1,241 yards more than Troy Aikman (32,942) and more than 11,000 more than Roger Staubach (22,700) did.

Where does Romo rank among quarterbacks?

Romo currently has the ninth-best passer rating in league history at 97.3 (all the players currently ahead of him, including Dak Prescott, are still active) and made the Pro Bowl four times throughout his career with Dallas.

Is Tony Romo the best Cowboys QB?

Romo has the highest career passer rating (97.1) of any quarterback that has not won a Super Bowl as a starter. Romo is the Cowboys’ all-time leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns and passer rating. He ranks third in quarterback wins behind Troy Aikman (94) and Roger Staubach (85).

What are Tony Romo’s career stats?

Tony Romo

Pass attempts: 4,335
Completion percentage: 65.3
TD–INT: 248–117
Passing yards: 34,183
Passer rating: 97.1

Who was the better quarterback Tony Romo or Troy Aikman?

Aikman and Romo are about as different as you can possibly get when it comes to discussing the very position of quarterback. Aikman has three championship rings. Romo has the second-best passer rating of all time. What we do know is that Romo and Aikman are both capable of winning championships.

How many 300 yard games did Troy Aikman have?

List of 300-Yard Passing Games by NFL Quarterbacks

Quarterback Games w/300+ Yards (Reg. Season) Total
Eli Manning 14 14
Troy Aikman 13 17
Joe Theismann 13 14
Mark Rypien 13 14

Is Tony Romo HOF worthy?

Romo has found a second career in the broadcast booth as a lead color analyst for CBS Sports. His exceptional ability to break down the game could help him make the Hall of Fame as a contributor. That’s a pretty impressive resume of Hall of Fame-worthy credentials.

Is Aikman in the Hall of Fame?

2006Troy Aikman / Hall of Fame induction

Is Tony Romo in the Ring of Honor?

Romo was a four-time Pro Bowler who went 78-49 overall and had just one losing season as a starter. He holds the bulk of the franchise’s passing records. That’s going to get him voted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor – Jones is the one-man committee there.

Is Troy Aikman in the Hall of Fame?

2006Troy Aikman / Hall of Fame induction
Finally, after the 2000 season, the Cowboys’ six-time Pro Bowl selection announced his retirement from football. His career statistics include 32,942 yards and 165 touchdowns for a passer rating of 81.6. Aikman was Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

What is Tony Romo winning percentage?

Tony Romo had a record of 92-64 in his career.

Tony Romo 156 .590

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