Who does mamori end up with?

Who does mamori end up with?

although the manga couldn’t “illustrate” their romantic relationship in full details because the manga’s genre is SPORTS; Hiruma and Mamori eventually ends up together.

Does mamori like hiruma?

Mamori has been questioned about having feelings for Hiruma, and though this has not been confirmed, she is often bombarded with questions by Suzuna Taki regarding the relationship. Mamori’s favorite celebrity is Audrey Hepburn.

Do Sena and Suzuna end up together?

Suzuna was looking for her brother, and in that same respect, met up with the ‘Football player’ assuming that it was Natsuhiko. The bikers then assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend (cheering them on with “C’mon, hug! Kiss! Hug!”, but the fact was that Suzuna and Sena were not in a relationship).

What episode does Sena reveal his identity?

Episode 77 “The True 21!”

What episode does Musashi come back?

Episode 74 A Pact Between Rivals!

How fast is Eyeshield 21?

Sena Kobayakawa
Jersey 21
40 Yard Dash 5.0 seconds (normal) 4.6 seconds (Intially) 4.2 4.1 seconds
Position Running back Free Safety Quarterback Reciever (Briefly)
Team Deimon Devil Bats (high school) Team Japan (Youth World Cup) Notre Dame High School (3rd year) Enma Fires (university) Superstars (NFL)

How tall is Sena at the end of Eyeshield 21?


Sena Kobayakawa
Birthday December 21
Blood type A
Height (5’2″)
Weight (106 lb)

How many episodes does Eyeshield 21 have?

Eyeshield 21/Number of episodes
But this is all you need to watch Eyeshield. It’s 145 episodes does more than enough to advance the adrenaline pumping scenes of the matches.

Does Musashi join the Devil Bats?

Musashi is one of the three founding members of the Deimon Devil Bats along with Kurita and Hiruma. Though he desperately wanted to get back into playing, he refused to rejoin the Devil Bats.

What episode did Musashi join?

Eyeshield 21 Season 2 Episode 76 – Come back, Musashi!

How old is Sena Kobayakawa?

Sena Kobayakawa
Age 15-16 (series run) 18 (final chapter)
Birthday December 21
Blood type A
Height (5’2″)

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