Who are PA local representatives?

Who are PA local representatives?

Members of the House

  • Armanini, Mike (R) District 75.
  • Benham, Jessica (D) District 36.
  • Benninghoff, Kerry A. ( R) District 171.
  • Bernstine, Aaron (R) District 10.
  • Bizzarro, Ryan A. ( D) District 3.
  • Boback, Karen (R) District 117.
  • Bonner, Timothy R. ( R) District 8.
  • Borowicz, Stephanie (R) District 76.

How many PA State representatives are there?

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Seats 203
Political groups Majority Republican (112) Minority Democratic (89) Vacant (2)
Length of term 2 years

Who are PA senators and representatives?

Pat Toomey (Republican Party)
Bob Casey Jr. (Democratic Party)

Who is my state representative in Bucks County PA?

State Rep. Wendi Thomas represents the 178th Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, serving parts of Bucks County.

What does a state representative do?

What does a State Representative do? State Representatives are part of the legislative branch of government along with State Senators. Once you’re elected State Representative, your primary duties are to create and vote on bills that make new laws or modify and update old ones.

How much do PA State Reps make?

The starting salary for a Pennsylvania legislator is $90,335, third highest in the nation behind New York ($110,000) and California ($114,877). When compared to states closest to the commonwealth in terms of population, Illinois, a full-time legislature like Pennsylvania, pays its lawmakers $69,464 per year.

What congressional district is Bucks County PA?

Boundaries since the 2018 elections. Pennsylvania’s first congressional district includes all of Bucks County and a sliver of Montgomery County in southeastern Pennsylvania. It has been represented by Brian Fitzpatrick since 2019.

Is Wendi Thomas a Republican?

Republican Party
Wendi Thomas/Parties

What is the difference between a state representative and a congressman?

For this reason, and in order to distinguish who is a member of which house, a member of the Senate is typically referred to as Senator (followed by “name” from “state”), and a member of the House of Representatives is usually referred to as Congressman or Congresswoman (followed by “name” from the “number” district of …

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