Which is the best way to locate an element in Selenium?

Which is the best way to locate an element in Selenium?

Selenium Locators: Locate element by Id The most preferred, the easiest and efficient way to locate an element on a web page is By ID. Id will the attribute on the page which will be unique like you bank account number or employee id.

What is HREF in Selenium?

We can click a href link with Selenium webdriver. The link text locator identifies the element whose text matches with text enclosed within the anchor tag. The partial link text locator identifies the element whose text matches partially with the text enclosed within the anchor tag.

Which selector is best in Selenium?

IDs are king! IDs are the safest locator option and should always be your first choice. By W3C standards, it should be unique in the page meaning you will never have a problem with finding more than one element matching the locator.

Which is the best and fastest way to find elements using Selenium WebDriver?

Finding elements by ID is usually going to be the fastest option, because at its root, it eventually calls down to document. getElementById() , which is optimized by many browsers.

Why CSS is faster than XPath?

Xpath allows bidirectional flow which means the traversal can be both ways from parent to child and child to parent as well. Css allows only one directional flow which means the traversal is from parent to child only. Xpath is slower in terms of performance and speed. Css has better performance and speed than xpath.

Which XPath is faster?

CSS is faster than XPath. CSS is more readable than XPath. It also improves the performance. It is very compatible across browsers.

Where can I find HREF in Selenium?

selenium click link-How to click a href link using Selenium

  1. App Configuration
  2. Driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//a[text()=’App Configuration’]”)).click();
  3. Driver.findElement(By.xpath(//a[@href =’/docs/configuration’]”)).click();

How do I select a href in Selenium?

To click() on the element with text as App Configuration you can use either of the following Locator Strategies:

  1. linkText : driver.findElement(By.linkText(“App Configuration”)).click();
  2. cssSelector : driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(“a[href=’/docs/configuration’]”)).click();

Which is faster XPath or ID?

Technically speaking, By.ID() is the faster technique because at its root, the call goes down to document. getElementById(), which is optimized by most browsers. But, finding elements using XPath is better for locating elements having complex selectors, and is no doubt the most flexible selection strategy.

Which XPath is best?

Relative Xpaths are always preferred as they are not the complete paths from the root element. (//html//body). Because in future, if any webelement is added/removed, then the absolute Xpath changes. So Always use Relative Xpaths in your Automation.

Which one is better XPath or CSS?

CSS selectors tend to perform better, faster, and more reliably than XPath in most browsers. They are much shorter and easier to read and understand. However, there are some situations where you need to use XPath instead of CSS, like when searching for a parent element or searching for an element by its text.

Which XPath is best in Selenium?

Using the above locators in Selenium WebDriver you can locate elements through “findElement/findElements” syntax. IDs are the safest, fastest locator option and should always be your first choice. ID’s are supposed to be unique to each element. ID locator is faster because at its roots, it calls document.

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