Which is the best character in Head Soccer?

Which is the best character in Head Soccer?

Top 10 – Very Good Characters

  • Singapore. Singapore is also very good.
  • Ecuador. For some people he is on place 1.
  • Austria. Then eastern of Switzerland lies Austria.
  • Switzerland. Switzerland is also a good character in Head Soccer.
  • Asura. On place 10 you can find Asura. It is the best Non-Country in the game.

How many characters are in Head Soccer?

Play against the first 20 characters because they are much easier to beat. To unlock him, you have to beat each of the 20 characters 10 times.

What round is SS rank in Head Soccer?

SS Rank is the eighth and highest rank of Survival. This is the rank that you reach when you won the 70th match. After you win the 80th stage, you will still be in the SS rank, but you would have to give the opponent one goal more, and your bonus time is longer.

Who is Pluto in Head Soccer?

According to the Italian Head Soccer Facebook page, Pluto was inspired by a demon hound named Pluto from the anime Black Butler. He is the 8th non-country character in the game. He is the 3rd character with white hair, while the others are Devil and Australia. Pluto is the boss in Stage 14 in Death Mode.

Is Bolivia good in Head Soccer?

Bolivia (Spanish: Bolivia) is the 72nd Character in Head Soccer. He was added in Update 6.0, along with the Philippines, Senegal and Silicon Valley. He is also a 5 Star opponent in Arcade….

Character number 72
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Volleyball Shot

How do you get Tanzania in Head Soccer?

To unlock Tanzania, you will have to clear Fight Mode with a Version 1.0 (South Korea, Cameroon, Nigeria, United States, Japan, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Kepler 22B) Character or unlock for 9,100,000 points.

How do you get Mon K in Head Soccer?

Pay $4.75 US dollars ($6.49 Australian dollars, €5.49 in euros or roughly £3.24 British pounds or 19.90 ILS) to unlock Mon-K. But if you’ve unlocked him, you’ll get a double reward every time you play with him in the Head Cup, meaning you get 60,000 points instead of 30,000 if you win the Head Cup first place.

How do you get a dragon hat in head soccer?

Points to buy The Dragon Costume is a Costume in Head Soccer. It’s the 80th Costume in Head Soccer and also an SS Rank Costume.

How do you unlock Germany in head soccer?

To unlock Germany, the player must beat 12 characters in Arcade without conceding a goal or pay 900,000 points to unlock him instantly.

How do you unlock Croatia in head soccer?

You have to be positioned near your own goal when the shot starts, without your power shot activated. Then, you jump towards the shot of Croatia’s Robot. The ball will roll under him, and it’s usually an own goal for Croatia. To unlock Croatia easily, use a character with a good counter attack (e.g. Austria).

How do you unlock Serbia in head soccer?

She is a 5 Star Character….

Character number 60
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Breast Missile Shot, Car Shot, Wonder Woman Shot
Unlock Requirements Win against 60 Characters in Arcade without getting Hurt or watch 50 Videos from the Serbia Unlock Requirements Screen or pay 5,900,000 Points

How do you unlock Algeria in head soccer?

Unlock Requirements Achieve 10 Achievements against Algeria using the character South Korea in Arcade or pay 8,400,000 points.

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