Which European country has the highest IQ?

Which European country has the highest IQ?

Finland ranks the highest in this list of the IQ of nations, with an average IQ listed at 101.20. Finland is located in northern Europe, alongside the other peninsulas of the Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland.

What nationality has the highest IQ?

Which Countries Have the Highest IQs?

Country Average IQ Number 2021 Population
1. Singapore 108 5,896,686
1. Hong Kong 108 7,552,810
3. South Korea 106 51,305,186
4. Japan 105 126,050,804

Are Italians smart?

Italy though does extremely well in the ranking, coming out at fourth place in the entire world. It is the single most “intelligent” Western country and is preceded in terms of its average IQ rating only by three Asian nations: Singapore in first place, then South Korea and Japan.

Is an IQ of 115 good?

85 to 114: Average intelligence. 115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted.

Who has the lowest IQ in Europe?

The lowest is North Macedonia, with an average IQ of 82.

What is Poland IQ?

Poland – 512, 516, 511.

What is the average IQ in Europe?

And while Europe has an impressive five nations in the current top ten – Switzerland in second, Netherlands in fifth, Russia in sixth, Belgium in seventh and the UK in eighth – it’s Asia that points to the future….Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World.

Ranking Country Average IQ
19 New Zealand 98.9
21 Germany 98.8
22 Sweden 98.6
22 Iceland 98.6

What is the average IQ of India?

India’s average IQ = 82.

What is Australia’s average IQ?

Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World

Ranking Country Average IQ
16 Australia 99.2
17 UK 99.1
18 Austria 99
19 Czech Republic 98.9

What is the average IQ of people in Europe?

Europeans follow with an average IQ of 99 and therefore logically average IQs of European nations oscillates around 99 (not only European nations but also nations where Europeans have migrated and are the large majority like Australia (99), the United States (98) or Canada (99).

Which countries have the highest IQs?

IQ testing takes place around the world, and this data has been compiled to rank the most intelligent nations based solely on IQ. According to the most recent data, Singapore and Hong Kong have the the highest IQ scores in 2019 of 108. South Korea has the second-highest IQ score of 106, followed by Japan and China with an average of 105.

Why is the IQ of 92 so low in southern Europe?

The lower IQ of 92 (range 90 to 94) in Southern Europe is attributable to some gene flow between South Asians (MENA) and Europeans across the Dardanelles Strait and the Aegean and production of an hybrid population in the Balkans whose IQs are intermediate between that of Europeans (99) and that of South Asians (84).

What are the predominantly African nations with a national average IQ of 71?

Africans in sub-Saharan Africa have an average IQ of 71 and therefore predominantly African nations have a national average IQ of around 71. It is not only nations of the African continent but also nations of the world where Africans are largely the majority, for example Haiti. (71 of average I.Q) Cent. African Republic

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