Which county is Bakersfield CA in?

Which county is Bakersfield CA in?

Kern County

Is Kern County open for dine in?

Kern County returned to the purple tier of the state’s reopening plan on Monday after state officials lifted a stay-at-home order, which means local barbershops and hair and nail salons can reopen, and restaurants can resume outdoor dining.

Is Bakersfield famous for anything?

Bakersfield is famous for being the home of country music singers Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, and has the nickname “the country music capital of the West Coast.” This is a result of the large number of Dust Bowl refugees that settled in the area.

What percentage of Kern County is Hispanic?

With a population that is 54.9% Hispanic as of 2020, Kern is California’s third-most populous majority-Hispanic county and the sixth-largest nationwide.

What is open Bakersfield?

Top 10 Best restaurants open in Bakersfield, CA

  • Nuestro Mexico Restaurant. 2.1 mi. 1170 reviews.
  • Firestone Grill. 0.2 mi. 872 reviews.
  • Yard House. 4.1 mi. 295 reviews.
  • Hungry Hunter Steakhouse. 1.2 mi. 790 reviews.
  • New Vintage Bar & Grill. 0.6 mi. 66 reviews.
  • Frugatti’s. 2.7 mi. 835 reviews.
  • Horse in the Alley. 1.6 mi.
  • The 18hundred. 1.6 mi.

Where did Bakersfield get its name?

Bakersfield is a city in Kern County, California, United States….

Bakersfield, California
Region San Joaquin Valley
Incorporated 1873–1876
Re-incorporated January 11, 1898
Named for Thomas Baker

What is Kern cog?

Welcome To Kern COG! Kern COG is the Metropolitan Planning Organization ( MPO) for the Kern Region as designated by the Federal government, and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency ( RTPA) as designated by the State of California.

What is the Kern 511 Committee?

Kern COG provides the forum that brings mayors, city council members and county supervisors together to work on regional issues in a setting that promotes the involvement of the public in the planning process for the Kern region. Check out kern511.org for live traffic feeds, travel times, public transit links and much more.

Where can I find traveler information in Kern County?

Kern 511 is Kern County’s premiere source of traveler information. Kern COG is soliciting input as to the scope and content of the environmental issues to be included in the Program EIR.

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