Which application can connect with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence?

Which application can connect with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence?

When you use IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office, you can work with secure IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content in your familiar Microsoft Office environment. IBM Cognos Transformer is a multi-dimensional data modeling component designed for use with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

On which architecture IBM Cognos is built?

The IBM Cognos Platform is built on a web-based service-oriented-architecture (SOA ) that is designed for scalability, availability, and openness.

What are the components of Cognos?

Cognos – Components and Services

  • Messaging and dispatching.
  • Log message processing.
  • Database connection management.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework interactions.
  • Port usage.
  • Request flow processing.
  • Portal Pages.

What is TM1 used for?

TM1 is enterprise planning software used to implement collaborative planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions, as well as analytical and reporting applications. Data in IBM Cognos TM1 is stored and represented as multidimensional OLAP cubes, with data being stored at the “leaf” level.

What is dispatcher in Cognos architecture?

The dispatcher is a multithreaded application that uses one or more threads per request. The dispatcher includes IBM Cognos Application Firewall to provide security for IBM Cognos BI. The dispatcher can route requests to a local service, such as the report service, presentation service, job service, or monitor service.

What is the purpose of network firewall in IBM Cognos architecture?

When the modeling tool is outside a network firewall that protects the Application Tier Components, communication issues with the dispatcher can occur.

What is the purpose of IBM Cognos analytics?

IBM® Cognos® Analytics integrates reporting, modeling, analysis, dashboards, stories, and event management so that you can understand your organization data, and make effective business decisions. After the software is installed and configured, administrators set up security and manage data sources.

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