Which app is best for train live status?

Which app is best for train live status?

People are looking for the best apps on their Android phones to make their job easy….

  1. Rail Yatri – Train PNR Status & Bus Tickets. Ad.
  2. NTES – National Train Enquiry System. Ad.
  3. eRail.in App – Indian Rail PNR Enquiry & Live. Ad.
  4. iXigo – Indian Rail Train PNR Status. Ad.
  5. IRCTC Connect – Official Train Booking App.

What is the best train time app?

Top 10 transport apps for smarter travel

  • Citymapper. Android / iOS – Free.
  • Live Train Times UK. iOS – £1.49.
  • UK Bus Checker. Android / iOS – Free + IAP.
  • Trainline UK. Android / iOS – Free.
  • TrainTrick. Android / iOS – Free.
  • Uber. Android / iOS – Free.
  • Gopili – Cheap Tickets. Android / iOS – Free.
  • Changers – CO2 Fit.

Is there an app to track trains?

The Ixigo Train app lets you figure out routes, check a train’s status, find seat availability, and book tickets. You’ll get live updates for 5000+ Indian Railways trains, including useful information like where your train currently is and which platform it will arrive on.

Where is my train Apple app?

“Live Train” is a full-featured Indian Railways Enquiry App which shows Indian Railways Live Train Status & Latest Time Table of all Trains offline. You can spot any train in just a single click.

How does RailYatri app work?

The data driven platform by RailYatri makes recommendations to travellers based on actual reported events. The company explains “One can imagine each significant change in status as an “event”. For instance, an event could be when someone cancels a booking, as it allows another waitlist passenger to get a seat.

Is where is my train app safe?

First we are discussing a very bad issue of reliability. This app can’t detect all train live status. Many times the app shows MEMU and EMU trains waiting for location updates but the train is running.

What is the name of train app?

UTS on mobile app is an Indian Railways official android mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets.

Should I use Trainline?

Yes, Trainline is legitimate. Their app and website connect directly to rail and coach carriers’ ticketing platforms so every ticket you buy through Trainline is valid for travel.

Is there a way to track trains in real-time?

Use the Track a Train map to follow your train on a map in near real-time and check when it will arrive at the next station (and all down line stations).

Where is my train online website?

Q. How do I know Where is my train? A: To check the running status of your train and know where is your train, download the ixigo trains app and make use of the ‘Running Status’ feature. Enter your train’s name or number and know the live status of your train.

Where is my train app Google?

Google is increasing its efforts in India after it snapped up the team behind popular transportation app “Where is my Train.” The app claims 10 million registered users and, as the name suggests, it helps commuters track arrivals and departures as well as buying seats.

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