Which 24 Hour Fitness is closing in LA?

Which 24 Hour Fitness is closing in LA?

24 Hour Fitness Closes 18 SoCal Gyms

  • Downtown LA-6th Street. 505 S.
  • Glendale. 240 North Brand Blvd.
  • Hawaiian Gardens Super Sport. 12120 Carson Street.
  • Montclair Active. 9750 Central Avenue.
  • Moreno Valley Fit Lite. 23750 Alessandro Blvd.
  • Palmdale West. 1335 Rancho Vista Blvd.
  • Pasadena.
  • Simi Valley-Tapo Active Dry.

What gym has the most locations in California?

Gold’s Gym
Why We Chose It: If you want an old-school bodybuilding environment with updated equipment, you can’t go wrong with Gold’s Gym. Gold’s Gym is technically a national franchise—there are over 700 locations, but the highest concentration of Gold’s Gym franchises is in California.

Does 24 Hour Fitness-Santa Monica accept credit cards?

24 Hour Fitness – Santa Monica accepts credit cards. How is 24 Hour Fitness – Santa Monica rated? 24 Hour Fitness – Santa Monica has 2.5 stars. What days are 24 Hour Fitness – Santa Monica open? 24 Hour Fitness – Santa Monica is a Yelp advertiser.

Why 24 Hour Fitness?

At 24 Hour Fitness, we see our clubs as your ultimate daily retreat, where motivation and camaraderie are simply part of your gym membership. Top fitness classes led by rockstar instructors. Dance, cycle, yoga, HIIT – with no judgy attitudes and no extra cost.

Does 24 Hour Fitness give a dam about their members?

I swear I walk out of the gym and just want to punch some one. So if you’re over 50 or just hate rap and hip hop don’t buy a membership at the Santa Monica 24 hour fitness. 24 Hour Fitness as shown that they don’t give a dam about their members, especially if you’re over 50.

What is 24go® fitness?

Our 24GO® fitness app suggests workouts for you from hundreds of gym and home routines. We’re passionate about fitness and inclusive of everyone. Come in and get the best part of your day – you fit here.

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