Where was the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam?

Where was the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam?

In keeping with the large U.S. Army deployments to Vietnam throughout 1966, the 9th Infantry Division “Old Reliables” begins to arrive in South Vietnam. The 9th is based in III Corps near Saigon, completing a ring of U.S. divisions that are assigned to protect the heavily populated capital region.

When was the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam?

The 9th Infantry Division fought in Vietnam from 1967 to the summer of 1969, when the 1st and 2nd Brigades were withdrawn. The 3rd Brigade remained in Vietnam, under the control of the 25th Infantry Division, until October 1970 when it came home and the division was inactivated.

What did the 9th Infantry Division do in Vietnam?

Operating deep within the Viet Cong-controlled Delta, the 9th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army was charged with protecting the area and its population against Communist insurgents and ensuring the success of the South Vietnamese government’s pacification program.

How do I find out if my father was in Vietnam?

I sent to the National Archives’ National Personnel Records Center for my dad’s DD 214, or discharge document. It has basic info including when he entered and left service, and rank at entry and discharge. Veterans and their next of kin can request their military personnel records at no charge.

When was the 9th Infantry Division deactivated?

The Division was deactivated in January 1947 and then six months later was reactivated as a training division. In 1966 the Division was reactivated for deployment to Vietnam under General William C. Westmoreland, a veteran of the 47th Infantry Regiment and part of the 9th Division during WWII.

What infantry division is located at Pili Camarines?

9th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Division (Philippines)

9th Infantry Division
Size 3 Brigades
Part of Philippine Army (Since 2004)
Garrison/HQ Camp Elias Angeles, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Nickname(s) Spear Division

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