Where was Desert Hearts filmed?

Where was Desert Hearts filmed?

Desert Hearts is a seminal LGBT film that came out in 1985. We thought it was the perfect movie to headline the first annual OutWest Film Fest. Not only was it filmed in Reno, but it’s also the 30th anniversary of this trailblazing film.

Is Desert Hearts a true story?

Set in Reno, Nevada in 1959, it tells the story of a university professor awaiting a divorce who finds her true self through a relationship with another, more self-confident woman….

Desert Hearts
Based on Desert of the Heart by Jane Rule
Produced by Donna Deitch Cami Taylor

What is Desert Hearts movie about?

A New York professor (Helen Shaver) divorces her husband and has an affair with another woman (Patricia Charbonneau) in 1959 Reno.
Desert Hearts/Film synopsis

Who is in Desert Hearts?

At its core, Desert Hearts is comprised of five members: Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop. This band of five friends is not only the brains behind the operation, but the event’s chief performers.

Does Netflix have Desert Hearts?

Rent Desert Hearts (1985) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Is there a sequel to Desert Hearts?

“Desert Hearts” filmmaker Donna Deitch announces she’s working on a sequel to the 1986 lesbian cult classic.

Why is Desert Hearts rated R?

Desert Hearts, opening today at the Circle West End, is rated R, and contains nudity in sexual situations.

Who founded Desert Hearts?

Mikey Lion
In November 2012, Desert Hearts began as a 200-person renegade gathering deep in the Mojave Desert, dreamt up by the DH’s founding quintet of Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, & Kristoff McKay.

Where can I watch Desert Hearts online?

Watch Desert Hearts | Prime Video.

Who played Walter in Desert Hearts?

Alex McArthur
Desert Hearts (1985) – Alex McArthur as Walter – IMDb.

What kind of music is Desert Hearts?

An Oasis in the Electronic Music Scene Serving as an entry point to more advanced electronic music beyond boring build-up/bass drop and pop-influenced tracks, they’ve essentially become the EDM equivalent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Is Desert Hearts on Amazon Prime?

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