Where is Vladimir Kush from?

Where is Vladimir Kush from?

Moscow, Russia
Vladimir Kush/Place of birth

When was Vladimir Kush born?

1965 (age 57 years)
Vladimir Kush/Date of birth

Does Vladimir Kush have kids?

Currently, Kush spends most of his time in Maui with his wife Oxana and two daughters, Veronica, who is seven months old, and Victoria, who is three. Stewart says, “I would say he is the most prolific artist of our time without a doubt.

What kind of artist is Vladimir Kush?

Vladimir Kush/Forms

How much is a Vladimir Kush painting?

Kush’s original paintings, he said, retail for $30,000 to $40,000 (for 11-by-14-inch canvases) and can climb to $100,000 (for 30-by-40-inch works).

How old is Vladimir Kush?

About 57 years (1965)
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How much are Vladimir Kush paintings?

Where does Vladimir Kush live?

He studied at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, and after several years working as an artist in Moscow, his native city, he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing his own gallery on the island of Maui in Hawaii….

Vladimir Kush
Movement Metaphorical Realism
Website vladimirkush.com

How many galleries does Vladimir Kush have?

4 gallery locations
In 2001 Kush opened his first gallery, Kush Fine Art in Lahaina, Hawaii. He now has 4 gallery locations in the USA with future plans to open more galleries around the world.

How famous is Vladimir Kush?

Vladimir Kush (born 1965) is a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor….

Vladimir Kush
Education Surikov Moscow Art Institute
Known for Painting and sculpture
Notable work Departure of the Winged Ship
Movement Metaphorical Realism

Who was Vladimir Kush inspired by?

Salvador Dalí
Although his style is frequently described as surrealist, Kush himself refers to it as “metaphorical realism” and cites the early influence on his style of Salvador Dalí’s surrealist paintings as well as landscapes by the German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich.

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