Where is Vito Bratta now?

Where is Vito Bratta now?

There are rumours that he has stopped playing the guitar altogether as well as rumours that he still plays in his own home. He still lives on Staten Island, though.

Who was the guitar player for White Lion?

Vito Bratta1983 – 1992
Jamie LawSince 2005
White Lion/Guitarists

What guitar does Vito Bratta?

ESP Stratocaster Copy In the video posted,you can see vitto bratta using an esp hs strat copy for the whole concert.

Is Vito Bratta still playing guitar?

On February 16, 2007, Bratta gave his first live interview in over 12 years….

Vito Bratta
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 1983-1994
Associated acts White Lion, Dreamer

Will white lions reunite?

MIKE TRAMP Confirms There Won’t Be A WHITE LION Reunion – “I Can’t Be Mike Tramp 1988; I Can’t Sing Like That, I’m Not Going On Stage And Doing A Half-Assed Job” Target Records released Tramp’s new album, Stray From The Flock, on March 1st.

Was Vito Bratta a good guitarist?

Vito Bratta was the most tasteful, lyrical and inventive guitarist of his generation, adding structure, style and an unerring pop sensibility to Van Halen’s oft-tapped fountain of inspiration. Producer Michael Wagener called Bratta his “favorite guitar player” on February 17, 2007, when he called the Eddie Trunk show.

How old is Mike Tramp from WHITE LION?

61 years (January 14, 1961)Mike Tramp / Age

What happened to White Lion guitarist?

Guitarist Vito Bratta all but disappeared from the music scene. He briefly worked for Atlantic Records after White Lion was over and produced an album for another band while there. Vito bought the rights to the entire White Lion original four albums through his company Vavoom Music, Inc.

What pickups did Vito Bratta use?

On Big Game Vito used the following equipment; 1988 Steinberger guitar with two EMG pickups. The neck position single coil is used for undistorted lines and bluesier Hendrix like passages. The humbucker at the bridge, is used for the distorted lines.

What happened to the guitarist from White Lion?

In addition, he clarified that he has never ruled out a White Lion/Mike Tramp reunion; up until now, they have simply been impossible due to family obligations and his wrist injury….

Vito Bratta
Genres Glam metal
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 1983-1994

How good of a guitarist was visual Vito Bratta?

Vito Bratta IS an excellent guitarist! He could shred, but wrote catchy hooks and played pretty tasteful and intricate stuff. I was mega impressed with his playing in Big Game’s opening song “Goin’ Home Tonight”.

What kind of guitar does Vito Vito use?

The “Mane Attraction” record was done with his trusty Steinberger guitar. In the “Guitar World” interview from July 1991, Vito said that he was planning on using something different when White Lion goes on tour as the Steinberger was starting to bother him because it was almost too easy to play.

How old is Vito Bratta from White Lion?

Vito Bratta was born in New York City, New York, USA on Saturday, July 1, 1961 (Baby Boomers Generation). He is 60 years old and is a Cancer. Vito Bratta is the former guitarist and main songwriter for the rock band White Lion.

What happened to Vito Bratta?

In April 2007, Vito Bratta made his first public musical appearances in over 15 years, at both Friday and Saturday nights shows at the L’Amour Reunion Shows in New York. Although Bratta has not released any music since 1992, many musicians, both singers and guitar players, have continued to praise his songwriting skills and technical ability.

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