Where is the Livesey Memorial Hall?

Where is the Livesey Memorial Hall?

The Livesey Memorial Hall was built in the north-west corner of the South Suburban Gas Company’s principal site at Bell Green, which in 1911 employed 380 men. Much of the building work was carried out by the Gas Company itself.

Who was John Livesey?

John Livesey married Elizabeth daughter of William Cartright of Ossington, co. Notts. He is said by Mr. Abram to have been the younger brother of James Livesey, who died in 1619, but this does not appear to have been the case.

Where is Livesey with Tockholes?

Down to the end of the 17th century Livesey with Tockholes was rated as one township for fiscal and administrative purposes. The township lies to the west of Lower Darwen, the boundary passing over Bank o’ th’ Hey, at an elevation exceeding 750 ft. above the ordnance datum, and to the east of Bunker’s Hill (708 ft.).

Who forfeited the land of Livesey?

In 1332 a messuage, 12 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow in Livesey held of Henry de Livesey for 18 d. rent were forfeited by William del Ewode, hanged for felony. John son of William del Ewode had the king’s year and day for which he was answerable; Inq. p.m. 6 Edw. III (2nd nos.), no. 19.

Where is Livesey Park in London?

It is positioned on Perry Hill, in the Bell Green neighbourhood, in front of Livesey Memorial Hall. Both structures take their name from philanthropist Sir George Thomas Livesey (1834–1908), former chairman of the South Metropolitan Gas Company, as does the Livesey Museum for Children.

Who designed the Livesey Hall War Memorial?

The Livesey Hall War Memorial was designed and sculpted by British artist Sydney March. The son of George and Elizabeth March, he was born in 1876 in Stoneferry, a suburb of Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. He was the second of nine children, eight of whom became artists.

Where is the statue of George Livesey?

“Statue of George Livesey situated in the garden to the rear of the former Camberwell Library and Livesey Museum (1385743)”. National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 15 February 2020.

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