Where is the cipher book for the Bank in BioShock Infinite?

Where is the cipher book for the Bank in BioShock Infinite?

All Vox Cipher and Code Book Locations

Vox Cipher Location Code Book Location Riddle
Downtown Emporia; Bank of the Prophet vaults, the near corpse with “Hoarder” written above it. In Hudson’s Fine Clothing, next to a sink in the basement. “Type three letters to solve the voice.”

Where is the vox populi Code Book?

The Code Book (Hall of Heroes) is an optional task that lets you collect a Voxophone and an Infusion. There is a secret message scrawled in blood in the wrecked restaurant and bar (The Fellow Traveler). The code book is in the mouth of the cannon in the “Tickets” building.

How do I get into Lutece lab?

Clash in the Clouds. In the Clash in the Clouds DLC, Lutece Labs can be visited after buying the models of Rosalind and Robert Lutece in The Columbian Archeological Society. This will unlock a tear, which upon opening allows entrance into Lutece Labs, where five new Voxophones can be found.

Where is the key for Lansdowne residence?

Answer by R3D STAR. After getting the jump on (and defeating) the small group, the Order of the Black Raven, you’ll find the key on a small pulpit next to a book.

Where is the key in the Lansdowne residence?

Where is Hudson’s fine clothing BioShock?

This side quest can be started by visiting Hudson’s clothing store (or rather what’s left it). The store is located to the right of the Bank of the Prophet building.

How do you unlock 98 in BioShock Infinite?

Unlocking. 1999 Mode can be unlocked in one of three ways: Complete BioShock Infinite for the first time. Enter the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B [“Cancel”], A [“Confirm”]) while on the game’s main menu.

How old is Booker DeWitt in burial at sea?

Booker can play the guitar, mirroring his voice actor Troy Baker’s talents. Despite being only seventeen years old on the issue date of his Pinkerton contract, Booker appears to be much older in the ID photo.

How do I get into Comstock House?

In order to continue to open a door leading to a side room. The only way to return to the bridge is to jump through a hole found in the attic and attach Booker to a maintenance hook. Land to the bridge, go to the other side and then enter Comstock’s house by going through an opened gate.

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