Where is Tanya memme from?

Where is Tanya memme from?

Wainfleet, Canada
Tanya Memme/Place of birth

Is Tania meme married?

Vahan Yepremyanm. 2010–2015
Tanya Memme/Spouse

What is Tanya memme up to now?

Tanya currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, Ava. Some of her past credits include popular shows like “Move This House,” “Sell This House Extreme” on A&E, FYI and BIO, as well as Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” which she was a DIY Expert/ Host for 5 seasons.

Is Roger Hazard married?

Chris Stoutm. 2011
Roger Hazard/Spouse

How old is Tanya Memme from Sell This House?

Tanya Memme net worth: Tanya Memme is a Canadian actress, producer, television presenter, journalist and former Miss World Canada who has a net worth of $800 thousand….Tanya Memme Net Worth.

Net Worth: $800 Thousand
Date of Birth: Jun 15, 1971 (50 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 4 ft 11 in (1.52 m)
Profession: Actor

Who is Tanya Memme?

Tanya Memme is a Canadian award-winning actress, a former Miss World Canada and the host-producer of A&E’s Sell This House: Extreme (2011) and of the Emmy-nominated Sell This House (2003). Born and raised in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada, she grew up on a 200-acre sod farm in an Italian Catholic family.

How long has Tanya been on sell this house?

For three seasons/years, since 2012, Tanya has been a regular contributor as a DIY crafter, and ‘family member’, on the Hallmark Channel’s daily show, Home & Family. She has been host of A&E’s Sell This House since its debut in 2003.

Is Tanya Memme married to Vahan Yepremyan?

After being crowned Miss Canada in 1993, Tanya Memme decided to pursue her acting career. Tanya Memme was married to Vahan Yepremyan. They got married in 2010, and they had a daughter named Ava in 2011.

Who is Memme from sell this house extreme?

Tanya will co-host the spin-off show Sell This House: Extreme premiering October 29, 2011. In 2008, Memme was awarded the Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film Under $1 Million Crystal Reel Award by the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association for her starring role in Terror Inside.

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