Where is Conker gin produced?

Where is Conker gin produced?

That’s the Spirit. Distilled in Bournemouth from British wheat spirit and New Forest Spring Water, the Dorset Dry is our refreshing take on a classic London Dry; 10 botanicals well-balanced and Juniper-led, with the bright and refreshing Dorset notes of elderberries, marsh samphire and hand foraged gorse flowers.

What is Conker gin?

Conker spirit’s Dorset dry gin is distilled using British wheat spirit, new forest spring water and 10 botanicals, including some rather distinctively-Dorset-inspired botanicals gorse flowers, samphire and elderberries. Perfect for sipping straight over ice and equally wonderful in a gin and tonic.

What garnish goes with Conker gin?

PERFECT SERVE: For the perfect Conker Gin serve, combine 50ml of Conker Gin with a premium tonic water in a glass packed with ice. Garnish with a twist of lime peel.

How do you make Conker gin?

Fill a glass with ice, pour over Dorset Dry Gin and tonic water and top with a twist of lime. Using just the peel for garnish keeps your drink lovely and dry. And remember: ice is not created equal.

What is Conker in Italian?

Italian Translation. castagna selvatica. More Italian words for conker. la castagna selvatica noun.

Are conkers ready yet 2020?

Conker season is thought to start around August, and lasting through September and October, however, this can be affected by the climate and environmental factors. Conkers are ready when they have fallen from the tree as this is when they’ve hardened and ripened in the middle.

Can you eat Conker?

No. Conkers contain a poisonous chemical called aesculin. Eating a conker is unlikely to be fatal, but it may make you ill. Curiously, conkers are also poisonous to horses despite the tree being named after them.

What can be garnished for Monkey 47 gin?

For a Monkey 47 G use decent tonic like Fever Tree. Garnish with a wedge of lime and orange peel. Another local gem, named after the old term for a Belfast sink, this is a London Dry style gin – piney, fresh and with a burst of citrus.

Are conkers ready yet 2021?

Conkers ripen in autumn and fall to the ground during September and October. Look for them scattered around the base of horse chestnut trees. The prickly outer cases will often burst open revealing the shiny, brown seeds inside. If you’re collecting for a game of conkers, it’s best to gather ripe ones from the ground.

Why do spiders not like conkers?

Answer. Answer: Conkers contain a naturally-occurring substance called saponin, which repels spiders, lice, fleas and ticks.

Are conkers illegal?

This is one of the oldest chestnuts around, a truly classic myth. A well-meaning head teacher decided children should wear safety goggles to play conkers. Subsequently some schools appear to have banned conkers on ‘health & safety’ grounds or made children wear goggles, or even padded gloves!

What is Conker gin made from?

Conker Spirit was founded in 2014 by Rupert Holloway, who traded in a career as a chartered surveyor to learn about and pursue creating a new gin; the Dorset Dry. Produced in Dorset’s first gin distillery, Conker Gin is distilled in-house in 30 litre copper pot stills using a combination of 10 traditional and local botanicals.

Who is Conker Gin’s John Holloway?

Though a little craggy around the edges now, Holloway was a fresh face in the drinks industry when Conker Gin launched. Prior to starting the distillery he worked as a chartered surveyor, a job in which days stretched on for weeks and weeks into years.

Who is Conker spirit?

He’s determined, quietly stubborn and dead set on doing things his own way. Founded in 2014, Conker Spirit was the first distillery to emerge from Dorset. This is something Holloway treated as a blessing when crafting his gin– the county is not steeped in traditions and there is no distilling heritage to stick to.

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