Where is Bayra?

Where is Bayra?

It’s extremely useful as it applies both Shell and Protect on your party! When you arrive in the south side of Macalania Woods, you’ll see Bayra nearby.

How much Gil do you need to give OAKA?

101 – 1000 gil = all items and weapons will get a 50% increase in prices. 1001 – 10000 = all items and weapons will get a 20% increase in prices.

How do you use special Dresspheres?

A special dressphere is activated by accessing all jobs on the grid during one battle. Once the character changes into the special dressphere, the other characters disappear until the special dressphere is removed.

Where is Pukutak?

Final Fantasy X-2 Borra, Daraya, and Pukara are found on the North Wharf of Moonflow. If the Gullwings go to Macalania Woods, they can find Bayra walking on the light path, Donga on the southern lake, and Pukutak on the maze path.

What are dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2?

Dresspheres (ドレスフィア, Doresufia?) are an integral part of the battle system in Final Fantasy X-2; each character has to choose a dressphere to use in battle, which roughly translates into a job system from previous Final Fantasy games; however, dresspheres are a little more encompassing than previous job systems.

What is the best dressphere in FX2?

Best Dresspheres In Final Fantasy X-2 (All Ranked) 1. Mascot. Dare I say the objectively best dressphere for each character is the Mascot. 2. Psychic. 3. Lady Luck. 4. Dark Knight. 5. Alchemist.

Where can I find the alchemist dressphere?

Players obtain the Alchemist dressphere in Chapters 2, 3, or 5 at the Calm Lands Ruins in the Calm Lands. Alchemists can use several items from a limitless stash and mix items together to make stronger items, an ability that is functionally identical to Rikku’s Overdrive from Final Fantasy X.

Where can I find O’aka?

O’aka will run back into Macalania Forest, and you’ll have to try and catch him. Once you return to the forest, go back to where you were originally dropped off by taking the crystal path back to the beginning of the forest. You’ll find O’aka, but he’ll just run away again. Follow him and then take the northern path.

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