Where does Alejandro Escovedo live?

Where does Alejandro Escovedo live?

San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Alejandro Escovedo (born January 10, 1951) is an American rock musician, songwriter, and singer, who has been recording and touring since the late 1970s.

Who is Rene Escovedo?

René Escovedo is a percussionist, music instructor, and band leader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born to the famed Escovedo Latin music family (Pete Escovedo, Peter Michael Escovedo, to name a few), he began his music education in grade school.

Is Alejandro Escovedo related to Pete Escovedo?

Alejandro’s famous relatives include his brother, jazz percussionist Pete Escovedo, and Pete’s daughter (Alejandro’s niece), Sheila E., Grammy-nominated singer, drummer and percussionist. Two other brothers also carved out careers in music.

Is Sheila E related to Alejandro Escovedo?

Sheila Cecilia Escovedo (born December 12, 1957) better known under the stage name Sheila E., is an American percussionist and singer….

Sheila E.
Relatives Peter Michael Escovedo (brother) Alejandro Escovedo (uncle) Nicole Richie (niece)
Musical career

Who are Nicole Richie’s parents?

Lionel Richie
Brenda Harvey-RichieKaren MossPeter Michael Escovedo
Nicole Richie/Parents

Who played drums for Prince?

Sheila E.

Sheila E.
Instruments Vocals percussion drums
Labels Warner Bros. Paisley Park Concord
Associated acts Prince Madonna The E. Family Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band George Duke Cyndi Lauper Namie Amuro Beyonce
Website sheilae.com

Who is Nicole Richie’s biological father?

Peter Michael Escovedo
Nicole Richie/Fathers
Her biological father, Peter Michael Escovedo, is the brother of musician Sheila E. and nephew of guitarist Alejandro Escovedo, and her biological mother is Karen Moss. When she was three years old, her biological parents agreed to let her move in with Lionel Richie because they could not afford to provide for her.

What nationality is Pete Escovedo?

Pete Escovedo/Nationality

Pittsburg, California, U.S. Peter Michael Escovedo (born July 13, 1935 in Pittsburg, California) is an American percussionist.

How much is the Debarge family worth?

El Debarge is best known as the falsetto singer and the main voice of the family group, DeBarge, who were quite popular during the 1980s….El DeBarge Net Worth.

Net Worth: $400 Thousand
Profession: Singer, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

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