Where do you get gold bars in Dark Cloud 2?

Where do you get gold bars in Dark Cloud 2?

Gold Bullion can be bought from the following shops: Gaffer’s Buggy, Wise Owl Shop, Rando’s Shop, Jack’s weapon store, Joker’s Store, Brooke’s shop, Ledan, and the Fairy King.

Where can I buy items in dark cloud?

Shop availability

Item Buy Shop
Mighty Healing 300 Rando’s Shop, Brooke’s Item Shop, Fairy King’s Item Shop, Fishing Store (FP only)
Stamina Drink 300 Suzy’s Store (including the Freshen Up Washery, Warrior’s Washery, Miracle Washery),
Heart-Throb Cherry 100 Lana’s Store

Who sells bombs in dark cloud?

Shop availability

Item Buy Shop
Bomb 80 Gaffer’s Buggy [a], Rando’s Shop, Warrior’s Washery, Brooke’s Item Shop, Ledan’s Item Shop
Bomb Nut 90 Lana’s Store
Inferno Gem 100 Joker’s Store
Blizzard Gem 100 Joker’s Store

Where is Morton dark cloud2?

He lives in the house with the pumpkin patch in the yard, near Parn’s house. Being just minor in the game, he is not available to recruit as a Support character.

Where is milane dark cloud2?

Palm Brinks
She can usually be found in her weapon store in Palm Brinks, where she sells a number of early-game weapons.

How do you get Ferdinand in Dark Cloud 2?

In order to recruit Ferdinand, you have to bring him a Roasted Chestnut. You’ll usually found it in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood’s treasure chests. If not, you can buy the Roasted Chestnut at the Mushroom Burger Eatery in Jurak Mall. Once you’ve got it, head back to Max’s kitchen and give him the Roasted Chestnut.

How do you get Conda in Dark Cloud 2?

Conda is automatically recruited at a certain point in Chapter 2, however it should be noted that he may not be added to the party and has no support character abilities or status. He operates Conda’s Goods, a shop for crafting materials, of which he sells a wide variety.

Are dark cloud 1 and 2 connected?

in fact, Are Dark Cloud 1 and 2 connected? No. The games are obviously related–a lot of the items and monsters are retained, as well as the basic gameplay, but there are no reappearing characters or references to the first game. In fact, “Dark Cloud 2” was originally called “Dark Chronicle”.

Who is Morton Dark Cloud 2?

Morton is a character from Dark Chronicle. He runs the Palm Brinks general shop, the Morton’s Sundries, easily identified by the pumpkins outside, diagonally opposite of Cedric’s maintenance shop. When Mayor Need leaves town aboard the Blackstone One, Morton, as deputy mayor, temporarily takes his place.

How do you get Blinkhorn?

In order to recruit Sheriff Blinkhorn, you must talk to him with Max when he is standing outside the station. He will challenge Max to run from him to the boat at the Palm Brinks lake and back in under 2:01:00 minutes. If Max can beat his time, Sheriff Blinkhorn will join the party.

Do you own the rights to Dark Cloud 2?

Disclaimers: I do not own the rights to Dark Cloud 2 or anything related to it. They all belong to Sony and Level 5 Games. I am not anywhere near being involved with them, soooo… All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

What is dark cloud 2?

Create your adventure! In Dark Cloud 2, discover a secret binding the past, present and future. Alan Wake is a renowned fiction writer suffering from severe writer’s block who is unexpectedly thrown into a supernatural situation while trying to locate his missing wife.

How many gold bars can you carry in dark cloud?

There is a carry limit of 999 for each of them, due to how common they are. A Gold Bullion, known as a Gold Bar in the sequel, is the only recurring item from Dark Cloud, in which its sole purpose was to allow the player to “bank” money in storage.

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