When was eutropius alive?

When was eutropius alive?

Eutropius ( fl. AD 363–387) was a Roman official and historian.

Who wrote eutropius?

It may refer to: Eutropius (historian), a fourth century Roman historian, and author of an abridgement of Roman history. Eutropius (consul 399), a Roman consul, put to death by the emperor Arcadius in AD 399.

When did Eutropius write?

Eutropius wrote the Breviarium ab Urbe Condita (Compendium of Roman History) at the request of the emperor Valens around A.D. 370. This brief work is a fairly accurate ten-book summary of Roman history from the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. to the death of the emperor Jovian in A.D. 364.

Why did Eutropius write?

Eutropius kept his work clear and wrote with an unpretentious style, hoping to influence the emperor Valens. Bird contends that Eutropius’ motivation for writing the history was, in part, to spur Valens on to achieve the greatness that had been demonstrated by earlier emperors.

Who is Eutropius in history?

Eutropius ( fl. AD 363–387) was a Roman official and historian. His book, Breviarium Historiae Romanae, summarizes events from the founding of Rome in the 8th century BC down to the author’s lifetime.

Did Eutropius survive the fall of Rome?

He survived at least as late as the reign of the emperor Valens (364–378), to whom he dedicated his Summary of Roman History. Eutropius may have been the same Eutropius that was proconsul, or Governor of Asia from 371 to 372.

What happened to Paulo Eutrópio?

After being seven years in Atlético Paranaense ‘s staff, Eutrópio moved to Fluminense as a part of Carlos Alberto Parreira ‘s team. On 13 November 2008 he left the latter, being appointed manager of Ituano.

Was Eutropius a Christian or pagan?

Confusion about this has arisen due to the fact that Eutropius was a popular name in late antiquity. He was, however, almost certainly a pagan and remained one under the emperor Julian ‘s Christian successors. He served as the imperial secretary ( Latin: magister memoriae) in Constantinople.

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