What VA region is Montana?

What VA region is Montana?

The Rocky Mountain region
Montana is in the VA’s Rocky Mountain Network, which is one of 23 VA regions in the country. The Rocky Mountain region was ranked the highest of any region for the second year in a row, Bell said. Montana’s system ranked the highest in the region, which includes VA health centers in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Where is VISN 19 located?

The VA Rocky Mountain Network was established in March 1996 and is one of 21 Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN). The Rocky Mountain Network Office is located in Glendale, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Is there a VA hospital in MT?

The VA Montana Health Care System serves veterans across the largest VA catchment area in the lower 48 states at 17 sites of care across the state including the Fort Harrison VA hospital, the Miles City Community Living Center, the Helena Sleep Disorders Center, Billings health care center, two telehealth clinics, and …

What VA hospitals are in Montana?

Facilities in Montana

Veterans Health Administration – VISN 19: Rocky Mountain Network
Station ID Facility Phone
436 Fort Harrison VA Medical Center 406-442-6410
436GA Anaconda VA Clinic 406-496-3000
436GH Benjamin Charles Steele VA Clinic (Billings Specialty Clinic) 406-373-3500

How many VA hospitals are in Wyoming?

In addition to F.E. Warren’s active-duty mission, the state has two Veterans Affairs hospitals — in Cheyenne and Sheridan — to serve Wyoming’s veterans.

Who is the VISN 22 director?

Network Director Mr. Michael Fisher was appointed as the Network Director, VA Desert Pacific Healthcare Network, Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN), 22 effective September 14, 2018.

How many homeless veterans are there in Montana?

165 Montana veterans
HUD estimates that approximately 165 Montana veterans are homeless.

Why is Helena MT called the Queen city?

Helena got the nickname of “Queen City of the Rockies” because around the turn of the last century, Helena’s beautiful architecture rivaled most cities in the West. Money was pouring in to the city from the 1864 gold strike.

Is Wyoming veteran friendly?

Wyoming Veteran Benefits are excellent and Wyoming is one of the most veteran-friendly states in the U.S. Wyoming has the most veteran facilities per 10,000 veterans, and nearly 60% of Wyoming veterans are enrolled in VA health care. Approximately 1 in every 10 residents are veterans—over 10% of the state population.

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