What type of wood is best for ceilings?

What type of wood is best for ceilings?

Oak is the most popular quarter-sliced wood used for ceilings. Other woods available in this style are white birch, white oak, sycamore, black walnut, white maple, bamboo, vertical-grain hemlock, cherry and vertical-grain Douglas fir.

Can you use cedar for interior walls?

Warm, cozy, fragrant, stylish — a well-planned cedar wall or two creates an ambience you can’t quite achieve with anything else. For a smoother surface — but a little more difficult installation — select cedar tongue-and-groove boards instead.

Can you put wood flooring on ceiling?

Although you won’t need to worry about constructing a subfloor, wood floor ceilings still require support. Contractors can install wood flooring planks over a flat drywall ceiling in good condition. Wood flooring planks can also be installed on an exposed ceiling.

What kind of wood is used for tongue and groove ceiling?

A tongue-and-groove pine ceiling consists of long pine boards that fit side-to-side (tongue into the groove) across a ceiling. Often, the pine boards are long enough to span the entire width of a room without using any seams.

Can you put wood ceiling over drywall?

Planks can be nailed directly into drywall if running parallel to joists as long as the planks are lightweight. Determine how planks will fit on ceiling and make any necessary cuts on a chop saw.

Does cedar turn GREY indoors?

If you like the weather-beaten look of a seaside cottage or an old barn, cedar can develop that look all on its own. But one aspect of cedar’s weathering process that doesn’t appeal to some homeowners is that it turns gray unevenly.

Can cedar be painted white?

A wide spectrum of colors, can you Cedar be painted white, to dark brown. Even custom color matches are available with many, but would have to check with local paint store.

Does a cedar ceiling need to be sealed?

If you want to enjoy the aroma of varieties such as Western Red Cedar and incense cedar, leave the wood unsealed. If you’re using cedar for an outdoor project, give it a light seal coat to guard against moisture and sunlight.

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