What type of sorority is Alpha Omicron Pi?

What type of sorority is Alpha Omicron Pi?

Alpha Omicron Pi
Founded January 2, 1897 Barnard College (New York, New York)
Type Social
Affiliation NPC

How much does it cost to be in Alpha Omicron Pi?

To join Life Loyal AOII there is a one-time fee of $299 USD. If you are a 50+ year member, you receive a discounted one-time rate of $189. Please note, Life Loyal membership fees are help pay for the production of To Dragma, a program of the Fraternity, and as a result are not tax-deductible.

How many chapters of Alpha Omicron Pi are there?

Alpha Omicron Pi has chartered 178 collegiate chapters, and over 320 alumnae chapters located throughout the United States and Canada. Our members enjoy friendship in AOII for a lifetime.

Is Alpha Chi Omega a good sorority?

Alpha Chi Omega (“AXO” or “A Chi O”) is mid-tier sorority with a widely varying reputation. AXO girls are generally not considered terribly hot or popular but they are respected as classy and involved in campus life. In spite of their relatively low profile, AXOs are considered down-to-earth and real.

Is AOII a frat or sorority?

It is the only member to the NPC to have one official color (cardinal), as all the other members have two to four official colors. Like many other Greek organizations for women, Alpha Omicron Pi is a fraternity, not a sorority, although both terms are often used.

How much are sorority dues at University of Tennessee?

Dues range from $400-$1500 depending on the organization and semester.

How much are Pi Phi alumnae dues?

The annual fee for alumnae members is $35 (Life Loyal members pay $19). Alumnae chapter members will pay dues to their respective alumnae chapters. All other members are able to pay alumnae dues online via the form below.

How many active chapters does Gamma Phi Beta have?

Gamma Phi Beta has chartered 187 collegiate chapters.

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