What type of dinosaur was Matilda?

What type of dinosaur was Matilda?

Matilda and Clancy are the first new sauropods to be named in Australia in over 75 years. These sauropod species are new types of titanosaurs, the largest animals ever to walk the Earth. Dr Hocknull says that Matilda was solid and robust, filling a niche similar to the hippopotamus today.

What was the largest dinosaur?

Argentinosaurus. Argentinosaurus huinculensis (meaning “Argentine lizard”) was thought to be one of the largest, longest, and heaviest dinosaurs ever lived. It is a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur first discovered in Argentina (hence it is named Argentinosaurus).

Where was the australovenator found?

Found on Elderslie station (near Winton) Queensland in 2006 during the first excavation of the “Matilda” site (discovered by Sandra Muir) by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History; digging continued at the site for five field seasons in total, terminating in 2010.

What did Australovenators eat?

Australovenator was 5–6 metres long and a swift predator. It is based on the most complete skeleton of any Cretaceous meat-eating dinosaur from Australia. Its bones were found with fossilised sauropod, crocodile, turtle and fish bones as well as shells.

What did the Diamantinasaurus eat?

Edible plants known from the Winton Formation or from other areas of Cretaceous Australia include araucarian conifers, angiosperms, ginkgoes, cycads, ferns and horsetails.

What is Banjo the dinosaur?

A carnivorous theropod, Banjo is the most complete meat-eating dinosaur skeleton yet found in Australia. Banjo is named after the famous Australian poet Banjo Patterson who wrote Waltzing Matilda in Winton in 1885. Estimated to have lived 100-98 million years ago in the Mid-Cretaceous (Latest Albian) period.

What carnivorous dinosaurs lived in Australia?

Several other species of dinosaur – Walgettosuchus, Rapator and Fulgurotherium – have been described from opalised fossil material found at Lightning Ridge, but each of those fossils only consists of a single bone. Lightning claw is the second most complete carnivorous Australian dinosaur known after Australovenator.

Is australovenator a raptor?

Australovenator has been coined as Australia’s answer to Velociraptor for its speed, razor-sharp teeth and three large slashing claws on each hand. Now that Australia’s most complete carnivorous dinosaur skeleton has been found, it can be confirmed that the 1981 bone belonged to the lineage that led to Australovenator.

What is a Matilda?

A matilda is a swag, the roll or bundle of possessions carried by an itinerant worker or swagman.

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