What Traxxas RC should I buy?

What Traxxas RC should I buy?

What are the Best Traxxas RC Cars in 2021?

  1. Traxxas BIGFOOT. The original and best RC Monster Truck, the Traxxas BIGFOOT is perfect for anyone who wants an off-road RC car in an officially licensed F-100 Ford XLT Ranger body.
  2. Traxxas Bandit XL-5.
  3. Traxxas Slash.
  4. Traxxas Bandit VXL.
  5. Traxxas Stampede VXL.
  6. Traxxas Maxx 4S.

What age is Traxxas for?

In fact, the recommended age range for operating Traxxas cars and trucks begins at 14, so these high-speed, precision vehicles are definitely intended more for mature users than for children.

Are Traxxas RC cars waterproof?

Traxxas was the first manufacturer to offer waterproof electronics on a Ready-To-Race® truck. This innovative feature now comes standard on almost every vehicle to wear the Traxxas name. Inclement weather no longer puts an end to your adventures.

Who makes Traxxas RC?

Mike Jenkins

Type Private
Headquarters McKinney, Texas, United States
Products Radio-controlled cars/trucks, boats, and quadcopters
Revenue $25 million – $50 million annually
Owner Mike Jenkins

What is skill level in traxxas?

The skill levels range from ‘Skill Level 1’, which requires no prior radio control experience to our highest rating, ‘Skill Level 10’, that is for expert drivers only. No previous experience with radio controlled models is required. Models require a minimum of setup, maintenance, or support equipment.

Is it OK to drive RC car in snow?

Unfortunately not every RC Car is designed to run in ‘difficult’ conditions like ice, snow and a mixture of both. It takes some preparation and maintenance afterwards to keep your expensive ride in the best possible condition.

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