What strings does a concert ukulele have?

What strings does a concert ukulele have?

How Many Strings Does a Ukulele Have? A standard ukulele has four strings (unlike a guitar, which has six). They are traditionally tuned G-C-E-A so that the open strings sound a C6 chord; ukulele players sometimes call this C tuning.

What notes are the 4 strings on a concert ukulele?

As you can see, the bottom string or first string is tuned to an A. The second string is tuned to an E. The third string is tuned to a C, and the fourth string or top string of the ukulele is tuned to a G.

What is a 23 inch ukulele called?

Concert ukulele
Soprano ukulele: The soprano ukulele has a standard tuning of G-C-E-A. This ukulele is the smallest in size, with a standard length of 21 inches. Concert ukulele: The standard tuning of a concert ukulele is also G-C-E-A. This type of ukulele is slightly larger than the soprano size, at around 23 inches.

What size strings go on a ukulele?

In a right-handed playing position (fret on the left-hand side) the ukulele strings are positioned in this manner: G: The string closest to the ceiling is the G note or 4th string. C: The second note after the G is the note C or string 2. E: E is the third last note or string 3.

What thickness are ukulele strings?

Ukulele Strings

Gauge A E
Soprano/Concert .019 .025
Tenor .022 .028
Baritone .022 .026

What gauge is A low G string on ukulele?

028 gauge
Aquila Tenor Ukulele Nylgut Strings Wound 4th Low G Tuning 16U, Single, . 028 gauge.

What are the names of the 4 strings on A ukulele?

Unlike a guitar that normally has six strings the ukulele only has four. Placing your ukulele in your right hand, you need to start from the closest string to your chin. Move in the direction of your toes and the names of the strings in this order are G, C, E and A.

Which is the 4th string on A ukulele?

string number four
Ukulele String Numbers The string that’s closest to the floor is string number one, The second string that’s one up from the floor is number two, The third string that’s three up from the floor is string number three, The fourth string that is fourth up from the floor (or nearest the ceiling) is string number four.

How can you tell ukulele strings apart?

If it’s a high-G set, the thickest string is the C, the next thickest is the E. The G and A are usually the same gauge or so close that you could switch them and not notice any difference. For a Low-G set it’s even easier, thickest to thinnest is G-C-E-A.

Do ukulele strings have different gauges?

For the ukulele, the string gauge doesn’t vary from set to set, assuming you’re talking about the same instrument variation and material, and you should be buying the same thickness of string no matter what set you’re buying.

Do ukulele strings go from thickest to thinnest?

While ukuleles can be tuned in a variety of different ways, they are generally tuned to standard tuning. In this tuning, the thinnest string is tuned to G, the next thickest string is tuned to C, the next thickest string is tuned to E, and the thinnest string is tuned to A.

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