What size trailer do I need for 2 snowmobiles?

What size trailer do I need for 2 snowmobiles?

What Size Trailer Do I Need for My Snowmobile?

Trailer Sizes No. of Snowmobiles
7 ft. x 12 ft. (81 in. x 144 in.) – ENCLOSED 2
7 ft. x 14 ft. (81 in. x 168 in.) – ENCLOSED 2
7 ft. x 16 ft. (81 in. x 192 in.) – ENCLOSED 3
7 ft. x 18 ft. (80.5 in. x 213 in. ) – ENCLOSED 2-3 (depending on the model)

How long does a 4 place snowmobile trailer need to be?

For a good fit for the newer mountain sleds, a 20′ or 22′ box with a 4 or 5′ V-nose is about the most common we see here. This would be true for both open and enclosed trailers. If you go with the 7′ wide Midwest style enclosed trailer, I think they are going up to 29′ overall length to get 4 sleds in.

How wide is a 2 place snowmobile trailer?

8’6″ X 12′
New Snowmobile Trailer – 2020 SnoPro 8’6″ X 12′ 2 Place.

How wide is a 4 place snowmobile trailer?

4-Place Drive-On

Model Weight Bed Size
8618 1,025# 101.25″ x 216″
8620 1,100# 101.25″ x 240″
8622 1,175# 101.25″ x 264″
8624 1,275# 101.25″ x 288″

Can you use a utility trailer for snowmobile?

Any trailer will work. I started with a utility trailer, then went to a double skidoo trailer and now have a 6×12 enclosed. All worked great. I liked the utility and skidoo trailers for their multi-use capability.

How much does an enclosed snowmobile trailer weigh?

You can expect an average snowmobile trailer weight to be about 448 pounds (203 kg) for open trailers, 1,075 lbs (488 kg) for hybrid enclosed trailers, and about 2,288 lbs (1,038 kg) for enclosed trailers.

Do you tie down snowmobile in enclosed trailer?

Absolutely, in California you would get a ticket if found unsecure.

What should you do before trailering your snowmobile?

Prepare your sled trailer by checking and greasing the wheel hubs and inspecting tires for wear, cracks and air pressure. Make sure lights work properly and that the cup-hitch assembly, chains and clips are in good shape. Spray all locks and hinges with lubricant and then do a test drive for safety’s sake.

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