What should I post on Bookstagram?

What should I post on Bookstagram?

20 Easy Bookstagram Ideas For Beginners.

  • Book Reviews.
  • Books By Colours.
  • Books In A Bag.
  • Shelfie or Book Trolley.
  • Books And Coffee.
  • Books And Flowers.
  • Library Photo.
  • How do I sell my photography book?

    Keep the image simple and clean, and avoid odd or distracting backgrounds. Look for symmetry and patterns that will help draw your eye to the book cover. Fill the frame, but don’t shoot the photo too close! Keep in mind, though, that social-media images are small, so the subject should be prominent.

    How should I arrange my photography books?

    If you are photographing books, instead of taking pictures of them individually why not pile your books up, (not too many or it will be too chaotic and look more like a game of Jenga)? Place the books in a stack at different angles so it creates more dimension within the images.

    How do you take photos for a Bookstagram?

    I always take my pictures in front of a window and I make sure that I face the window so nothing can block the natural light! You could use expensive studio lighting, but nothing looks as good as natural light. I also wouldn’t suggest using your regular home lights, because it can look very artificial.

    What is Bookstagrammer?

    Bookstagrammers—Instagram users who focus on artfully staged book photos and/or reviews—have become an integral part of the bookish community.

    What is book haul?

    This board is dedicated to hauls posts, pictures and videos of bookish buys of any kind.

    How do you photograph a rare book?


    1. Avoid glare. Glare can hide detail. Use diffused light.
    2. Avoid distortion. Keep the book parallel to your lens.
    3. Focus. Use a macro lens or the macro setting OR.
    4. Settings. If shooting at an angle, use a narrow aperture.
    5. Flash. Don’t use it.
    6. Background. Choose a plain background, like black pasteboard.

    Can you take a picture of a book?

    It IS theft of intellectual property, as the books are copyright protected, so yes, it’s illegal.

    What is a book influencer?

    Book influencers are individuals who present themselves on social media accounts as book lovers. They write articles, posts, and other types of content that attract people with similar interests.

    How do I become a bookstagram?


    1. Pick A Bookstagram Niche.
    2. Choose Your Brand Name.
    3. Open An Account On Instagram.
    4. Properly Brand & Set-Up Your Bookstagram Account.
    5. Start Planning Your Content & Taking Pictures.
    6. Write Engaging Captions.
    7. Conduct Hashtag Research.
    8. Be Consistent & Show-Up.

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